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northern lights x c99 marijuana seeds

The combination of indica and sativa has translated well to the medicinal value of Northern Lights x C99 Fem. Its positive sativa cerebral boost can be used to treat symptoms of depression, stress and fatigue. The Northern Lights indica contribution makes it very effective for easing chronic pain and muscle tension.

Early Skunk x C99 fem combines the parental strains effects graciously. Its deep mental stimulation, combined with a body sedating buzz in a balanced hybrid will make a fan out of you. Skunky, earthen aromas and a sweet citrus flavor pass along the strains twenty two percent THC content very effectively. Yields average six hundred grams or more consistently.


Is there a hybrid strain out there that is more likely to instantly attract attention like Northern Lights x C99 Fem strain? You’d be hard pressed to find one. Northern Lights has been around since the eighties and is one of the most revered strains around the world. NL as it is more commonly referred to, has won The High Times Cannabis Cup as a stand-alone strain and numerous times as one half of a winning hybrid. It is also ranked a solid number seven on the High Times Magazine Greatest strains of all time list. C99 or Cinderella 99, is a much beloved offspring of Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk and has garnered a very loyal following in the cannabis community thanks to its mind blowing, happy cerebral high. The hybridization of NL x C99 has resulted in an indica dominant hybrid that sports a respectable twenty two percent THC content. New strains like this don’t come along everyday.

Anyone who has grown their own stash from cannabis seeds knows that Northern Lights is as dreamy to grow as the name suggests. C99 is very well known for its ability to produce huge yields. Both of these growing tendencies have been passed down in Northern Lights x C99 Fem strain seeds. It is a stable, reliable hybrid that can be grown both indoors and out. Cultivators in warm, semi-humid climates such as the west coast of the USA can expect towering plants of six feet or slightly higher.

Give the roots plenty of room to grow with a ten or twenty gallon fabric growing pot filled with high quality organic soil. Water regularly and feed with top shelf fertilizer. The strain is naturally resistant to pests and disease but does need your help in the form of trimming. The canopy can grow quite dense so clipping the larger fan leaves will aid in air circulation and help your plant fight off mold or mildew, as well as allow for full light penetration to the entire plant.

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she was not a heavy feeder – I tried 1050 ppm in flower and she didn’t do well – 700-800ppm seemed to produce optimal growth.

On the advice of Joey Weed and some other helpful folks I waited until 80% of the hairs were red and the crystals had started to show amber, and flowering lasted for 63 days total 12/12

I grew 2 plants under a 150 HPS and they both yielded around the same for a total of 3 oz.

From what I’ve heard this strain should finish quicker but I think my lack of veg time extended flower time a little – I plan on growing out a clone of the same strain to see if she finishes earlier.

The high is very strong, but kind of creeper – you really don’t realize how high you are for the first ten minutes and then it’s like “damn I’m high” and it keeps building – it will be a half hour after you smoke and you still feel like your getting high – easy to overdo it – after the first 1/2 hour it’s pretty stable and long lasting. very visual – in a clear way – juxtapositions of things at different depths in the long light of late afternoon produce strange effects. trippy, for weed – very speedy too – hard to stay seated – definitely not a couch lock strain