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northern lights big bud feminized marijuana seeds

The Northern Lights X Big Bud marijuana strain is a highly productive plant with its genetics firmly rooted in the famous Northern Lights. World of Seeds have crossed a carefully selected Northern Lights specimen with the aptly named Big Bud. The result is a strain that is ideal for commercial growers being quick, easy and presenting great yields. Although Big Bud was never considered a partucularly potent strain, by crossing it with Northern Lights World of Seeds have created a much stronger strain that will please serious smokers as well as the commercial market. NL X BB is really easy to grow. She is tolerant of mold and mildew and a whole range of pests. She will also put up with a variety of growing conditions and still produce good crops. Soil growers will obtain the best tasting results; a rich and fruity bouquet that will require good odor prevention during both the growing and drying phases. NL X BB remains a fairly short plant, rarely exceeding 40” in height. Good strong branching makes her a good candidate for SCROG systems. Topping, Fimming and LST will all help you increase yields, although leaving her to grow naturally will still return good yields. The hit from Northern Lights X Big Bud is a deep and intensely stoney buzz, although it is not as potent as the original Northern Lights. High CBD levels make this strain of possible interest to the medical marijuana community as well.

The autoflowering genetics make this an even more straightforward strain to grow. Most plants are photoperiod bloomers, meaning they require specific light exposure in order to flower. Autoflowering means that they will flower automatically after a specific period of time under most any light conditions, eliminating some of the growing fuss.

The euphoric cognitive buzz and deep relaxation make this a great strain for recreational and medical pot users. The ease of growing and the substantial production make these plants a favorite for cultivators too. An all around crowd pleaser, this bud is a must for your home-grown stash.

Flowering Time

Much like its parent strains, this bud’s flavor is just as awesome as its smell. The earthy notes hit the taste buds first. Comparable to beets, the earthiness is enlivened with hints of sweet fruit and spice. The complex profile will leave the palates of all cannabis lovers delighted!

If the Auto Northern Lights x Big Bud Fem strain seeds do not appeal to you, there are a lot of other marijuana seeds available through the I49 seed bank. Here are several options with similar genetics you may want to consider! If you want to try some other strains that have the legendary Northern Lights effects blended in, try . The blueberry genetics not only offer a sweet, berry flavor, they also lend themselves to a speedy, and forgiving life cycle. The higher than normal CBD levels, sitting at about 5%, make this an exceptional option for managing pain, inflammation and muscle spasms. Or try . This indica dominant bud is a great option for the northern hemisphere as it tolerates temperature shifts and cooler climates.

Alternatively, try this one in the quick flowering variety, Northern Lights Fast. With this special hybrid you can expect your plants to flower in a short 6-7 weeks! The other parent strain comes in the fast flowering option as well. Check out Big Bud Fast fem for big nugs that are ready in about 10 weeks. Big Bud, aptly named for the size of its harvest, is a sleep aid comparable to narcotics. Great for relaxing the body and knocking even an insomniac out for the night!

Alchimia presents here Northern Light x Big Bud from World of Seeds, a cross between two legends in the world of marijuana plants that offer strong medicinal properties andabundant productions. Now available in Alchimiaweb!

The Northern Lights cannabis strain was specially developed for indoor marijuana crops, and quickly became a champion of several Indica cannabis cups. Numerous hybrids produced today have in their genes a part of Northern Lights. On the other hand, Big Bud cannabis strain is well known for itsabundant production and was also used in several hybrids for creating the famous marijuana strain Critical + .

The short structure of Northern Lights and its resistance to molds and pests – as well as its the rapid flowering, 55 days indoors, late September outdoors – makes this a perfect plant for outdoor crops in areas with hard weather conditions. The contribution of Big Bud is shown in the abundant yields of this hybrid, 500-600 gr/m2 indoors and 1200gr per plant outdoors.

The sedative effect caused by the high concentration of CBDmakes this strain a good choice for therapeutic use. It will provide a strong anxiolytic effect and is then very useful tocombat stress. The taste and smell are reminiscent ofhardwood with hints of sweet cheese.