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northern lights auto x mazar auto. marijuana seeds

The plant develops frosty dense buds with honey-musk fragrances. It is easy to grow aeven for beginners. This is ideal for commercial growers due its high yields and top quality. The harvest comes after only 8 weeks of the flowering and brings 150-250 grams of potent buds covered by mass of white trichomes.

Northern Lights Auto is an autoflowering version of one of the most famous strains in the world. This is an indica dominant variety that contains 70% indica, 20% sativa and 10% ruderalis genetics.

The smoke produces amazing honey-musk flavors with earthy Afghan notes. The THC level of 15% provides a strong and long-lasting stoney high.

Do take note, however, that this is the autoflowering version. Please double check your order to avoid getting the wrong seeds.

This plant will only grow to a short to medium height, about 90 to 120 cm (3 to 4 feet). Thus, it does not grab too much attention. It has thick branches that can hold up the heavy flowers, especially near the top part of the plant, to prevent them from drooping. Furthermore, this strain exhibits a strong resistance against pests and molds.

There are devices available that can tell both temperature and humidity levels, such as an integrated digital hygrometer. Although this strain is disease-resistant, it is not advisable to let the RH exceed 70%, as this might cause molds to proliferate. These pathogens are not easily detected and could spread to the entire plant if left unchecked.

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Its calming effects are best for dealing with anxiety and endless worrying. If you went through a rough day and want to let go of depression or stress, this strain can help you focus on happy thoughts and tranquil emotions.

This weed is ideal for nighttime use. You can use it after a long and tiring workday or during the weekend when all your chores are done. After your pot session and a night of restful sleep, you will be well-rested, composed, and ready for action the next day.

The mood-lifting and tranquilizing features of Northern Lights x Mazar make it a favored companion for users who experience a lot of stress. Whether you want to reduce your feelings of anxiety or just want to add an extra dose of happiness to your day, you can count on this strain to deliver.

At i49, we have a wide selection of Indica strains that induce the same relaxation of mind and body as Northern Lights x Mazar. Another pure Indica strain that you will surely appreciate is Purple Kush x Mazar Fem. This offspring of two legendary strains – Purple Kush and Mazar-i-Sharif – is known for its powerful couch-locking effect with a slightly psychedelic hit. This cannabis strain will surely keep your tensions at bay.

This early flowering hybrid will certainly astonish you with its blue glitters, productivity and velvet-like citric fragrance that it spreads all around.

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