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northern lights 10 marijuana seeds

The buds are distinctive in appearance. As they develop, they gain a thick coating of resin, and they’re usually densely clustered. The plants thrive in warmer climates, especially in locations like the Mediterranean. They can also be grown indoors, or in a greenhouse.

Northern Lights Feminized is bushy, multi-branched and sturdy in appearance. When grown in optimum conditions, it will develop many broad leaves and big buds, and produce extensive yields. Inside, the plants are likely to generate around 500 grams per square metre. Growers cultivating the plants outside can expect around 600 grams per plant.

Northern Lights Feminized by Sensi Seeds is a 90% indica strain. It was named after the Aurora Borealis for its high, which is deeply calming for the body and mind. The compact strain is easy to cultivate and delivers generous yields. Northern Lights Feminized produces a distinctive earthy scent, with hints of fruit and herb.

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Effect, taste, and smell of Northern Lights Feminized

Northern Lights Feminized is easy-to-grow, and delivers excellent yields. It’s a 90% indica-dominant strain, which means it’s compact and can be cultivated discreetly. Users report a blissfully relaxing stone, which soothes the muscles and calms the mind. The aroma is very indica in personality; earthy, rich and pungent. This carries through to the taste, which also features a hint of fruit and herb.

Like many indica-dominant strains, Northern Lights Feminized is relatively small in size. When grown indoors, plants are usually about 80 to 130 cm in height. This is welcome news for growers that only have limited space within their property. Be aware though, when cultivated outside, the plants can reach heights of 150 to 200 cm, which means they’ll require more room to flourish.

The SOG (Sea of Green) training system is ideal for Northern Lights Feminized, and produces excellent results. SCROG (Screen of Green) also works well, and lollipopping and supercropping is effective too.

This Northern Lights # 10 (fem) is an Indica strain known for its short flowering time and herbal taste. This is faced with many good praises from Cannabis growers and marijuana connoisseurs. This is useful in the treatment of lack of appetite and insomnia. This is also valuable for its strong sedating effect, whereas it can easily be grown, too.

A Strain to Help Cure Insomnia

Northern Lights #10 is a prominent indica with an impressive flowering time and cool herbal aroma and flavor. It is a strain that will make you feel completely relaxed, ready to sleep. Its strong sedating effects make it a powerful and natural treatment for insomnia, pain, poor appetite, anxiety, and stress.

Additional Information

This is brought about by the Secret Hybrid and Northern Lights genotype. This is promising for its positive features creating a good combination and excellent result. This is the reason why it is great to be used for medicinal use. This is resilient as the seed can turn into a bud in just about forty-five to fifty days.

This reported the feelings of use of citrus and spicy taste. This can be tried on for its citrus and spicy taste, including euphoria, happiness, and relaxation. Issues that relate to pain, stress, and depression are as well treated by this cannabis seed.

Effect, taste, and smell of Northern Lights Regular

Northern Lights Regular needs plenty of sunlight and warmth to reach its full potential. As such, the plants need to be grown in a country that benefits from long, hot summers. The Mediterranean is the ideal sort of location for this strain. Alternatively, the plants can be grown indoors all year round, anywhere in the world.

The plants are sturdy and squat in appearance, with multiple branches and leaves. This is fortunate, as they’re able to support the sizeable, resinous buds. These buds usually result in a big yield. Growers cultivating Northern Lights Regular inside can expect to generate about 500 grams per square metre. As for plants grown outdoors in the right conditions? Some growers have reported harvesting as much as 1.5 kilos from a single plant!

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Growth pattern of Northern Lights Regular

Northern Lights Regular by Sensi Seeds is 90% indica, and is one of the world’s most influential strains. Like most indica-dominant varieties, it’s compact, fast-flowering and produces large yields. Its scent reveals its Afghani heritage; musky, sweet and earthy. The buds are also notable, as they’re large and covered in resin. The high is potent, heady and deeply relaxing.

As with many indica-dominant strains, Northern Lights Regular is compact, with plants remaining fairly small both indoors and outdoors. When grown inside, the plants’ height is normally limited to around 80 to 130 cm. Outside, they may grow taller, but probably no higher than 150 to 200 cm.

The seeds are regular, so growers will be able to generate both female and male plants from the pack. This is a good option for those who want to produce seeds of their own, or who want to experiment with cross-breeding. The plants have a rapid flowering time of just 45 to 50 days, which means that growers can enjoy a fairly speedy harvest.