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Big difference between the two in terms of Virginia code.

Presumably, if you end up harvesting more than four ounces from your four pot plants and then put in a safe in your home, that’s not explicitly illegal. That’s literally not in the Virginia code. The law doesn’t state you can’t possess more than one ounce in private.

Virginia marijuana laws: Year 1

On April 7, Virginia became the first state in the South to begin the process of legalizing adult-use cannabis, the site states.

If you have questions about marijuana legalization in Virginia, check out, the Commonwealth's new website with information, updates, and answers to frequently asked questions about the law.— Governor Ralph Northam (@GovernorVA) June 10, 2021

It means the marijuana legalization bill that was passed by the 2021 General Assembly is going to take three years to be implemented. This includes setting up regulations for pot retail sales and implementing procedures that prioritize social equity, public health and public safety.

“And that’s Virginia,” said Pedini. “What are you guarding against? You are only creating protections for the illicit Virginia operators.”

What have other states done?

The Virginia Board of Pharmacy cannot do anything about it through regulatory measures. The only way to fix this is through legislation, and nothing is being done by the current administration to resolve this, according to Pedini.

What can Virginians do?

“Virginia missed the opportunity,” said Pedini. “The next opportunity will be the next legislative session in 2022 or a legislative special session.”

Not just consumers but Virginia as a whole. With regulations comes public safety, Pedini emphasized.

Solution to this problem?

“At some point, legalization has to be about Virginians. While there should absolutely be a focus on creating an equitable industry and one that prioritizes equal opportunity by those harmed by marijuana prohibition, that is not the only objective of legalization.”