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nicole kush marijuana seeds

Growing Nicole Kush Feminized

It’s 75% indica, which is evident in its appearance, yields and resulting high. As a feminized strain, it’s also far easier to cultivate, with hardly any male plants to accidentally fertilise those harvest-producing females!

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The scent is relatively subtle, which is another advantage for discreet growers. It’s got notes of sandalwood, incense and lemongrass, combined with an earthy, pungent undertone. This gets stronger as the plants reach maturity. As for the taste? You can expect much the same, but with extra spiciness and depth.

Nicole Kush Feminized has high levels of THC (17 to 25%). As such, it’s not a strain for beginners, and even those that are experienced smokers may want to take it easy to start with.

The Nicole Kush Feminized strain has large proportion of Indica genes in its background.

You would be hard pressed to find a strain that did not leave you with the mild inconvenience of dry eyes and mouth, and Nicole Kush Fem is no exception. While slightly unpleasant, it is easy enough to remedy with a healthy helping of liquids before, during and after your sessions. Beyond that, the only side effects would be things like dizziness, anxiety or paranoia for those with THC sensitivities or those who take too much of this potent bud. These more severe symptoms are best avoided by taking slow, small sips and waiting to see how the buzz hits you before indulging in more.

Or try Mango Kush for a trip to the tropics to sit under the mango tree! This delicious fruity tasting bud offers the same great blend of happy, relaxed and tension free. Find these strains and more on the I49 seed bank. With a detailed portfolio for each seed varietal letting the buyer know what to expect in terms of flavor and scent profile, effects and benefits and growing tips, our comprehensive catalogue makes it easy to find the best strain to meet your unique needs.

There are a lot of strains with similar genetics that will offer similar effects, if you are not quite sold on the awesomeness that is Nicole Kush Fem. Try Amnexia x Nicole Kush fem for everything you have read about here with the addition of Amnexia. This strain is considered to be one of the best on the market. Tasting of earth and wine, this bud is also supportive for mental health challenges like depression and stress. Kosher Kush x Tangering is another great option. This citrusy smoke offers a similar high consisting of a happy and calming cognitive effect and a soothing body buzz. Triangle Kush fem is another indica dominant strain with high THC levels and a high characteristic of the Kush lineage. The scent and flavor profile on this strain is also complex and delightful on the senses.

Adverse Reactions

This strain offers more than recreational support, some of its qualities provide relief from a myriad of symptoms associated with a variety of mental and physical ailments as well, making it a great option for medicinal weed users too.

The Nicole Kush fem strain is an indica dominant (sitting at 75%), high THC bud that is perfect for wrapping up a long, busy day. It has a sweet and spicy flavor profile that makes it easy to get carried away with but go slow as the THC levels sit at 25% and can knock even a veteran smoker on their butt! Its popular parent strain, Kosher Kush is known for its dreamy, introspective cerebral high and its relaxing body buzz. This is characteristic of Nicole Kush as well. The other parent is Nicole Indica, a strain known for some excessive resin production which also carries through to its offspring, making Nicole Kush a great plant for resin extraction. You can expect an uplifting and reflective experience regardless of the day you had, making this a great choice for unwinding. As the body relaxes and tension slips away, users can let this sweet bud lull them into a deep sleep.

Nicole Kush grows like a wild bush. The thick foliage needs to be pruned to allow for proper air circulation, light exposure and overall plant health. The plant will do well indoors or outdoors, however in a cooler climate it wont produce quite as heavily.

Sour Kush fem for similar effects that are slightly more energized. The extra energy with the pain-relieving body buzz makes this a great strain for daytime relief from chronic inflammatory issues.

When cultivating Nicole Kush indoors, we recommend applying some sea of green technique to keep her in check. Because she can stretch quite a bit when left alone. But in the end she will reward you with a bountiful harvest with yields around 500 – 600 g/m².

Strain characteristics: As mentioned before, Nicole Kush is a bit shy for cold. Although she can be grown in colder climates, to reach her full potential, we recommend growing her indoors if you can’t grow her in a mediterarian climate. When grown in the right climate she will show her beautiful, bushy, wide structured filigree with pinelike and berrie scent that leaves you allured and wanting for more.


Experiencing the strain: Nicole Kush brings an overwhelming sense of relief for your mental and physical states. It starts off with a high euphoria that slowly settles down into a feeling of peace and happiness. Expect to experience a deep bodily relaxation that’s perfect for a chill at home after a long day.

What makes it so great?: A high producer that has potency and also very easy to handle? With alluring flavours and deep feelings of happiness which she can give to you? Yes please! It’s almost as if I’m describing my perfect partner.

Nicole is a very good friend, really tasty and strong