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my dog ate a marijuana seed

If your dog is only experiencing mild symptoms, your vet may end up sending you home with your dog before the effects of the THC have completely worn off.

I’m just kidding. Calm down…

However, human tests don’t always work well for dogs, and they frequently produce false positives or false negatives. So, your vet may need to use his or her best judgment when deciding on a treatment plan.

Comforting Your Stoned Dog

If marijuana ingestion is suspected, but you can’t (or won’t) confirm that your dog ate some kind buds, your vet may use a urine test kit to figure things out. They don’t (yet) make urine test kits for dogs that are capable of detecting THC (technically, the metabolites of THC), so urine tests designed for humans are typically used.

At least one person’s death has been associated with marijuana ingestion (although the doctors are careful to state that a cause-and-effect relationship was not established). Additionally, a 2012 study included a reference to two dogs who died after eating THC butter.

Don’t freak out, Cheech.

CBD doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects, and many people deliberately give CBD extracts to their dogs to address things like arthritis and epilepsy.

If you notice any signs of cannabis toxicity in dogs, you should move with speed to administer emergency treatments. As we’ve already indicated, treatment options should address the symptoms.

The last thing you want is for your pooch to accidentally eat marijuana. If that happens, you could be dealing with a severe medical (and probably also financial) emergency.

If you’re a cannabis consumer, the chances are that you already stock a variety of marijuana products. Without a proper storage plan for your marijuana products, it won’t be long before your dog sniffs out the product and snacks on it.

2. Monitor the Symptoms

A visit to the vet is paramount, regardless of the quantity or type of weed your dog has consumed. The vet will scrutinize the dog’s condition and prescribe the right treatment option. If possible, carry the specific cannabis product that the dog consumed, which will help with diagnosis.

Some dog owners may argue that fencing off their cannabis garden is an act in futility since dogs don’t eat plant matter. That’s a false assumption as it is common knowledge that dogs can snack on plants from time to time.

Another way your pooch could gain access to weed is if you cultivate cannabis at home. Many weed lovers prefer to grow marijuana plants in their backyards. But if such backyard gardens aren’t duly fenced off, dogs can venture into them and begin nibbling on the marijuana buds, flowers, or leaves.

Dogs may not be as curious as cats are, but they’re just curious enough to check out anything in their path that doesn’t seem to belong, such as leftover cannabis edibles on the dinner table.