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montreal marijuana seed bank

Montreal Seed Bank Connection is Quebec’s gateway to obtain world famous cannabis seeds. We are Canadian owned and operated since January 2015. Buy Quebec cannabis seeds in Canada for plants that grow strong outdoors.

Graine de cannabis à vendre. Banque de graines de cannabis de Montréal, Quebec. Les graines de cannabis québécoises les plus réputées pour climat froid. Cultivez les meilleures variétés de marijuana québécoises de Montréal. Souches de marijuana féminisées du Québec de Montréal.

Banques de Graines Cannabis Canadiennes les Plus Réputées

Premium Montreal Cannabis Seeds direct from Quebec Canada. You should buy your gear from the Montreal Seed Bank if you live in cold climates.

Our acclimatized seeds will survive your Swiss Alpine mountains, the Gatineau mountians and even the Alaskan Mountains. Our seeds are famous around the globe for growing marijuana in cold regions. We even have large cannabis plots growing with our quebec cannabis genetics on Mount Everest.

Petrolia Headstash is a pure Indica strain that will give your mind and boost and your body a break.

If however, you need to keep your seeds healthy longer-term, most experts recommend the refrigerator. You can empty out one of those produce drawers and create a seed repository—especially if it’s one that lets you dial the humidity down. It’ll keep them at the most consistent temperature, and protect them from excess moisture.

Athabasca Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The use of marijuana for people with these illnesses eliminates the need for other drugs and painkillers, making it an excellent and organic option. We’re hoping that, with the upcoming legalization, these awesome benefits will be much more readily available to all Canadians who need them. Ever since marijuana was recreationally legalized in Canada, we’ve seen a rapid increase in the number of growers and consumers.

Allow Auto Purple Sour Diesel to replace your morning coffee with its energizing and awakening effects in the brain. Experience rapid-fire thoughts along with social chattiness amongst friends and strangers.

Planting your seeds as soon as possible will only improve your odds of successful germination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep them viable for a long time—up to five years, and possibly longer. Some have reported seeds remaining viable for more than a decade! Before contemplating your seed storage options you’ll want to consider how long you plan to be putting them away. This will help you optimize your storage choice and stick with it. Cannabis seeds don’t take kindly to many variations in temperature, so it’s best to be decisive and leave them alone until planting time.