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mochalope marijuana seeds

Mocha-Chocolatey Goodness at its finest!

Mochalope Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a very high THC at 24%. This is an average-sized plant which can produce average yields up to 500 grams per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. It will flower in just 6 to 8 weeks giving you potent earthy and coffee-flavored buds.

More About Mochalope Regular

Peggy Nunez – April 13, 2021

Effects of this strain are somewhat considered to be one of the fruitiest ones you could come across as it also provides a cerebral high that is similar to the Chocolope strain that often builds up the energy from the mind and down through the body and slowly puts you to sleep in a matter of minutes. Ideally, this strain should be smoked during night time as it invokes feelings of relaxation and calm.

An Indica dominant strain that proves time and time again that it is possible for marijuana strains to have that flavorful experience. A magnificent blend of chocolate, mocha withy earthy undertones are immensely present that users are salivating about this particular strain. This delicious strain is a cross between the very famous Chocolope strain and the Oregon Afghani strains.

Mochalope is a feminized strain with high THC to keep you satisfied longer. It comes with a fragrant smell and delicious taste, perfect for relaxation. You’ll get 25% THC, just the right levels to take you to a couchlock effect. Mochalope is an easy strain to grow, ideal for indoor or outdoor cultivation.

Satisfies You When You Need Relaxation

Additional Information

This Mochalope (fem) Cannabis seed sets itself different from the rest due to its uniqueness and mixture of scents of coffee and chocolate. It is a hybrid containing a high THC level leaving you more satisfied for relaxation.

The Mochalope cannabis seed has descended from Oregon Afghani x Chocolope x Afghan Kush genotype as the superior genetics. The pairing is brought about to bring a hybrid that is unique and is incredible in fragrant smell. This also greatly possesses a specific amount of THC levels of
22 to 25 percent.

This is indeed a great delight for medical and recreational use. This also can provide for high-quality fem seed having a high rate of germination. Straightforwardly cultivate this variety using a training or traditional method. This can, even more, thrive outdoors and indoors. This should as well be cultivated following the right conditions. The female seed can produce more copious yields.