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moby marijuana seeds

Sometimes, no matter how much caffeine is in your system, it’s just not doing the trick. That’s what Moby Dick marijuana seeds are for. This strain is a cross between the indica-dominant hybrid White Widow and the Haze sativa, which is famed for its powerful cerebral stimulation. We can expect the same from Moby Dick. This strain delivers a charged buzz every single time that could easily replace coffee and energy drinks altogether. On the days when you need an extra pep in your step, turn to Moby Dick.

This strain is every grower’s dream thanks to its short flowering period, mold resistance, and high yield. We recommend Moby Dick to many beginner growers as its relatively easy to grow. As a newbie, you can make a few mistakes along the way. Moby Dick marijuana seeds are resilient to fight against any errors without getting sick. These little seeds can take a beating! That being said, growing Moby Dick plants is a real commitment. It requires a lot of time, care, and energy. Don’t attempt to grow this strain unless you can give it constant attention.

As for the smell, Moby Dick marijuana seeds will lure you in with the aroma of eucalyptus and vanilla. Consumers describe the smell as magical and intoxicating — a little bit sweet, and a little bit refreshing. The sweet scent of vanilla reminds us of caramel and toffee as if we’ve just walked into a chocolate shop. Those with a sweet tooth will love Moby Dick.

Description: Moby Dick delivers a cerebral buzz that comes on instantaneously. The sweet smell of vanilla and toffee will keep you coming back for another bite.

You may anticipate that the Moby Dick Fem seeds are going to lead to some enormous, whale like plants. These beasts can grow to more than 11 feet tall and carry some humongous buds. The weight of their yield can be a bit much on the delicate, spindly branches so growers will definitely need to secure its limbs with support. Their monstrous height means some pruning and trimming is required to help the lower branches get adequate light and air flow.

Moby Dick fem strain is a great option for medical use as it offers support for a variety of issues. Due to its intense cerebral effects, this is a great option for daytime relief. Offering a blissful state without lethargy, this strain has been used effectively in the treatment of chronic stress, depression and anxiety. Its calming, uplifting effects can help dig you out of the hole of worry and overwhelm while keeping you active and productive. The benefits extend beyond mental and emotional into physical. Moby Dick has also been shown to be beneficial for cancer patients struggling with a lack of appetite or in the mellowing of aches linked with chronic pain. Its energizing effects may also be helpful for those suffering from chronic exhaustion.

Flowering Time

Moby Dick Fem strain seeds are a bit challenging to grow but their high yield makes it all worthwhile. These babies even won 2nd prize for the Indoor Professional category at the Copa Weekend. Not surprisingly, this is not their only award. They also took home first place for Girl of the Year by Soft Secrets in 2010. Its uplifting and long-lasting high make this a favorite among the pot users looking for an intense relaxed and energetic buzz!

The scent of Moby Dick Fem strain is as strong and alluring as its effects. A distinct citrusy aroma fills your nostrils as you bust up the bud to smoke and a shockingly sweet and earthy scent takes over as soon as it is lit up.

Being an exceptionally strong strain means there is some potential adverse effects. One of the most common is cotton mouth or dry eyes, which are the usual suspects with the use of most cannabis products. Make sure you stay hydrated and keep eye drops on hand to stay comfortable. Beyond that if you over do it, you may end up with dizziness, paranoia or anxiety. Best approach this powerful bud with caution. Take one slow hit at a time and see how it settles into your system. If you are THC sensitive, this may not be the strain for you.

Known for Its Distinctive Features

Moby Dick is a prominent sativa strain with moderate THC content. It is an energetic strain, ready to perk you up as soon as you need it. You can use this to deal with depression, fatigue, and pain and is one of the easiest to grow. When grown in a warm and sunny environment, you can get very prominent yields.

The Moby Dick (fem) is known for being the most celebrated and well-known cannabis dominant of Sativa. This is created by the crossing of Sativa and Indica’s genetic lines as it possessed a White Widow and a Haze. This feminized seed is known to grow outdoors and indoors in the Mediterranean-style and temperate climates. This can also thrive with a lot of light while it resists to mold. It can flower when grown indoor in between sixty to seventy days, promising a good yield of 650 grams/M, sup;2.

Additional Information

When this is grown outdoors, it can readily be harvested from the middle to the late month of October. This can reach up about 3.5 meters tall. Its aromatic properties can be complex, including lemon, noble wood, and floral. It has its Indica-leaning expressions that can be somewhat sweeter. Its flavors are broadly the same as added with Haze notes and incense having THC level of 13 to 17 percent.