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moby dick marijuana seeds

The height was a little surprising, easily doubling in size during flower. Under a 300 watt Phlizon LED, in a 36″x20″x62″ tent, and grown in soil, I pulled approximately 100 grams per plant (dry weight) as a beginner grower.

The Sativa-dominant hybrid of White Widow and Haze, Moby Dick seeds will surprise you. The plant itself is easy to grow, and the yields are rather high. However, this marijuana phenotype is not for beginners, as it kicks in fast and overwhelms you with a cosmic cerebral high.

This was included as my 5 free seeds on a larger order, and I absolutely love it! From seed to harvest in 90 days (30/60), it’s super sticky and smells great. After a 90-day cure the high will knock your socks off!


Moby Dick seeds are famous for plants that provide smokers with a positive state of mind and flow of energy. The Sativa dominance in this weed leaves consumers happy, full of powers, and with a sweet aftertaste in their mouth. Moby Dick has a very distinctive fragrance and taste of citrus and earth. It fills the room with a sour lemon aroma with hints of pine. After smoking, your flat will smell like lemons and forest.

There are some adverse reactions to this marijuana. The most common two are dry mouth and eyes. Moby Dick may also leave you feeling dehydrated, so it is better to get some water after smoking. In rare cases, this strain may leave you paranoid and dizzy.

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Moby Dick seeds can produce plants with above-average THC levels – what do you think about 27%? Not bad at all, right? These potent weed seeds came to us from Amsterdam. The sweet and citrus taste of this strain is always good for an excellent time. Smoke it – and Moby Dick will provide you with an exceptional full-body buzz that you will never forget.

This girl will catapult you fiercely into a separate reality of creativity and production, unleashing a fast hitting high that will keep you totally energised through the day without wiping you out. THC sits at 27%. That is Moby Dick. And this is why she is such a firm favourite of so many in the growing business.

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MOBY DICK™ Cannabis Seeds

This little known gem has been proving particularly popular with new growers and experts alike thanks to its astoundingly heavy yields. Prepare to meet the King Dong of cannabis strains – Moby Dick.

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A 70 day flowering period adds to the allure of this world beating cannabis strain. Outdoors flowering completes its cycle by the first week of October. Growers love her sweet vanilla scents and guaranteed, heroic yields. She’s a keeper.