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moby dick auto marijuana seeds

Sometimes, no matter how much caffeine is in your system, it’s just not doing the trick. That’s what Moby Dick marijuana seeds are for. This strain is a cross between the indica-dominant hybrid White Widow and the Haze sativa, which is famed for its powerful cerebral stimulation. We can expect the same from Moby Dick. This strain delivers a charged buzz every single time that could easily replace coffee and energy drinks altogether. On the days when you need an extra pep in your step, turn to Moby Dick.

As for the smell, Moby Dick marijuana seeds will lure you in with the aroma of eucalyptus and vanilla. Consumers describe the smell as magical and intoxicating — a little bit sweet, and a little bit refreshing. The sweet scent of vanilla reminds us of caramel and toffee as if we’ve just walked into a chocolate shop. Those with a sweet tooth will love Moby Dick.

This strain is every grower’s dream thanks to its short flowering period, mold resistance, and high yield. We recommend Moby Dick to many beginner growers as its relatively easy to grow. As a newbie, you can make a few mistakes along the way. Moby Dick marijuana seeds are resilient to fight against any errors without getting sick. These little seeds can take a beating! That being said, growing Moby Dick plants is a real commitment. It requires a lot of time, care, and energy. Don’t attempt to grow this strain unless you can give it constant attention.

Description: Moby Dick delivers a cerebral buzz that comes on instantaneously. The sweet smell of vanilla and toffee will keep you coming back for another bite.

Moby Dick Autoflowering delivers a highly psychoactive Sativa effect of great potency. Her high THC levels go straight to the head, awakening each and every of the neurons. It isn’t suitable for beginners. However, she’s perfect for those days in which you need to give free rein to your creativity and stay active. Stay away from her if what you want is have a good night’s sleep.

Without actually being as productive as her photoperiod sister, Moby Dick Autoflowering is a great producer of big, thick and resinous buds. Her yielding properties are above the average for an autoflowering. Therefore, she’s a great option for commercial growers.

Moby Dick Autoflowering is resistant, vigorous and very easy to grow, which is why novice growers should give her a try and see how easy it is to obtain great results in a quick and easy manner. Her Sativa-dominance makes her perfect for humid climates but not only that. She’s also suitable for growing in regions with short summer periods.

Aromas and Flavours

Moby Dick Autoflowering showcases a very intense Hazey aroma with hints of lemon, cedarwood and incense.

Moby Dick Autoflowering marijuana seeds, born from the cross of a Haze Autoflowering and a White Widow Autoflowering, turn into wild Sativa-dominant plants noted for being as resistant and as ravenous as their photoperiod sisters, but a bit smaller. Don’t get your hopes down too fast, though, because, despite being an auto, Moby Dick Autoflowering is smellier, bigger and more potent than most normal auto genetics. Moby Dick Autoflowering was named 2nd Best Autoflowering at the 2017 Copa y Festival Latinoamericannabis, held in Chile.

Guerrilla growing is the best method for Moby Dick Autoflowering because only in a hidden outdoor place will this Dinagirl be able to give free rein to her piercing aroma, grow at ease and make the most of the sun and the nature without worrying about lack of space or nosy neighbours.

Should you prefer to work indoors, we recommend using 600W HPS lamps in a 20/4 light cycle. Don’t forget that, as most Sativa genetics, she’s incredibly voracious, meaning a normal nutrient intake won’t be enough for this autoflowering to thrive. In any case, we warn you that, despite performing well indoors, her intense aroma may require the use of potent filters if you don’t want your entire neighbourhood to know you’re growing cannabis. Another negative point of growing Moby Dick Autoflowering indoors is her size. She’s not as gigantic as her photoperiod sister but she’s still rather big for a grow tent.