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Dreams do come true, right?

In short, this leafy weed will have an impalpably vibrant quality to it that the cheap stuff doesn’t have. If you’re wondering “what does good weed look like?” the above components are pretty good indicators.

The THC content in most Reggie ranges from around 12-15%. Better strains of weed generally boast a THC level of about 20%, with variations going as high as 35%.

THC Levels

Whereas Reggie is a cheap head rush, a good mid will leave you gradually more relaxed and maybe just a little bit hungry. Depending on the strain a good mid can also be used to help you catch some zzzzs.

That might not mean very much to you, but to put it in context, it’s a little bit like the difference between a light beer and top-shelf tequila.

The THC levels on a mid-strain are probably going to float somewhere around 17%-24%. While this is still substantially more than an average reggie it’s still not nearly as potent as weed can get.

Other mid-grade weed names include: Regs, Mids, K-town, Mid-shelf

Different cultures have different slang for cannabis. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Many common slang terms serve to hide what you’re talking about from others, usually authority figures. As such, slang terms tend to morph and change over time as the “out” group catches on to what the “in” group is talking about—in this case, the cannabis plant. When something is criminalized but still in popular use, the names for it naturally go underground. Some slang names that began as ways to hide from law enforcement include:


Observe the reggie, or bad weed, on the left and the dank, or good weed, on the right. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

The cannabis plant has been used for centuries for medicinal, religious, and recreational purposes. It’s also been outlawed, demonized, and railed against in societies across the globe. The nature of being so many things to so many people inherently leads to a lot of names. Add to that the occasional need to be covert and the infinite creativity of weed lovers and you get even more terms.

High-quality weed. Some terms for high-quality weed include top-shelf, loud, chronic, kind, headies, fire, or piff. Dank is also a popular term for top-notch cannabis that has a rich smell of damp earth.

Age could also cause ‘mids’ to become too dry or brown. The discoloration happens because of how the weed was harvested, dried, cured, and stored. It is common for people to grow mid-grade marijuana outdoors or beneath cheap coverings. The pot often has a grass-like taste because of suboptimal curing.

Typically, cannabis is considered ‘mids’ when it has a THC content of between 10% and 16%. Top shelf weed is anything above 16% and can go all the way to 30%.

Top Shelf vs. Mids: The Price Isn’t Right

Regs will probably not get you high. That is unless you have an extremely low tolerance or have never tried any form of narcotics before.

Even if you’re new to the cannabis scene, common sense tells you that some weed is better than others. The problem is trying to distinguish the good from the bad. Let’s face it; a black-market dealer is not going to tell you!

If you don’t have access to a dispensary or licensed dealer, your only other port of call is an illegal black-market dealer. It is they who are most likely to sell you, Reggie, at a dirt-cheap price. While it is easily affordable and could do the job for inexperienced users, we recommend avoiding regs weed at all costs. It is the kind of cannabis used 40 years ago when no one had access to anything better.