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micro marijuana seeds

The new trend of micro growing weed is challenging the norms of how much space it takes to grow great cannabis at home.

In general, we recommend you flip your vegetative cannabis plants to bloom once they’ve grown to half of the height of your micro grow box. This will ensure they’ve still got enough space to accommodate their pre-bloom stretch without growing too close to the top of your box/room.

Understanding the Basics of Micro Growing

For even more control, you may want to consider building two separate grow boxes; one for veg and another for bloom. In the veg box, you may be able to get away with placing your grow light right above your plant, as light penetration isn’t as much of an issue during veg as it is during flowering. Remember to keep in mind the speed at which your plants grow, and try to find strains that grow at a speed that suits the size of your space.

The root system is a crucial part of the plant, and its size has a great influence on how tall the plant will grow. Most plants tend to occupy the same amount of space below the ground as they do above. In a micro grow, we can use this correlation between the size of the root system (thus, the amount of medium) and plant size to control the growth of our cannabis plants and match it to our spatial limitations.

As with any cannabis grow, it’s important to set yourself some realistic expectations regarding the size and quality of your harvest, as well as the amount of time it’ll take you to get from seed to harvest.

In fact, even more experienced weed producers love to get in on the Micro Growing action, as it gives them a chance to try out new varieties. Cleverly, some growers even use their home Micro Growing setups as a valuable source of strains to use in crossbreeding experiments.

In common with all Autoflower weed varieties, this version does not require precise lighting techniques to trigger the flowering phase. Indoor yields are highly respectable at up to 450 grams per m2, and that all-important THC content can reach the dizzy heights of 20%, making Critical Autoflower a compelling option for weed lovers with refined tastes.

Growing a small weed plant: Advantages and disadvantages

In order to emulate the techniques used in a commercial weed growing setting in a domestic context without expensive equipment, simply follow the steps below:

In addition to the sense of achievement you’ll enjoy once you’ve established a flourishing weed plant in your home, some many benefits of Micro Growing include:

An Indica-dominant variety which was created by crossing the US favorite Girl Scout Cookies with a Ruderalis strain, Girl Scout Cookies Auto boasts an impressive THC content of 22%. Additionally, the finely balanced blend of genetics present in this highly advanced strain means that it also succeeds in replicating most of the generous yields offered by the original variety.