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michigan marijuana seeds reddit

Apologies if this isn't the correct sub-reddit for this! I'm a Michigan resident- Marijuana was legalized here last November, however no regulation or legislation has been created for home growing or use. I've always been pretty curious about growing my own stuff, I've got a small grow set up that I use for starting tomato and pepper plants before they can move outside. In a search for marijuana seeds I've not come across any concrete answers as to where I can find them- I've come across some websites but I want to be as transparent as possible and not break any laws that may prohibit buying seeds from across state lines. Anyone in Michigan dealing with the same issue that has answers or suggestions?

So government foot dragging gives homegrown a 1.5 year headstart.

If you grow your 12 plants you can keep your harvest there is no limit on cannabis they can store for home growers

With 12 plants. and 10 ounces max.

Just go to my boy Michaels house, his shit is nothing but seeds.

Either way, this is a nice future.

Has anyone tried them that can share their experience? Can it be purchased online for recreational use without a medical card now that it's legal for recreational consumption?

They don’t look real special and I really don’t see anything other than they sell existing strains (admittedly only look for a few minutes). Pricing is ok, not great

I’ve got seeds for years from nirvana, attitude, seeds NL, Cali, and once from OSS. Only one time we’re they lost and they were replaced