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medical marijuana seeds washington state

For medical patients looking to grow marijuana, we have a wonderful collection of popular medicinal marijuana seeds and high in CBD seeds that you can order and have shipped directly to your home in Washington including high in CBD feminized choices like CBD Critical as well as potent THC level favourites like Green Crack, Bruce Banner and the now legendary Gorilla Glue marijuana strain.

But what are the exact laws regarding cannabis possession and is it legal to grow your own marijuana plants in Washington? Let’s take a closer look at the states most important cannabis laws.

Indeed, for newcomers, our selection of autoflowering feminized marijuana strains (including Blueberry Autoflowering and Kush autoflowering) are ideal for those with little to no cannabis growing experience.

Can I grow Marijuana in Washington?

Unfortunately, while Washington has legalised both the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana, cultivation is heavily regulated, with only licensed grow facilities permitted to grow cannabis in the state.

For those aged 21 or older, it is legally permissible to possess the following in Washington state.

For medical users, possession limits are higher. All cardholders in the state may possess the following:

However, medical marijuana patients are allowed to grow cannabis at home, but as you would expect, there are some restrictions.

There are three distinct types of cannabis seeds.

United Kingdom: At present, the UK allows for the purchase, sale, or trade of cannabis seeds whether you purchase them domestically or from another European nation.

Cannabis seeds are not illegal in the European Union, and technically it’s not illegal to purchase seeds from another country. The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, a 1962 framework for marijuana legalization, is an international treaty signed by 180 countries stating that marijuana is classified as an illegal substance, but it says nothing about seeds.

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Where to buy seeds

Always buy from a reputable seed bank. The last thing you want is to buy what you think are feminized seeds, only to discover that they are regular seeds only capable of producing male plants.

While a bill that would allow adults 21 years and older to grow recreational-use cannabis at home has been introduced in the Washington state Legislature, currently the only legal exception for home growing is medical. If you have a Washington medical marijuana card, you can grow a small number of plants without registering, and up to 15 if registered.

Germany: Seeds do not fall under the German Narcotics Act, so they are technically legal to purchase. Germany has prohibited the sale of cannabis seeds nationwide, but since the country is subject to the EU’s free movement of goods, having seeds sent to Germany is fine.

For more variety you can buy seeds online, although there are risks. Consider having them shipped to a state where growing marijuana at home is legal. That way, if your package gets intercepted, it’s unlikely you will face legal consequences. But you may still face legal jeopardy if you have to cross state lines to bring them home.

The state of Washington is definitely a place that smokers and cannabis enthusiasts would love to visit. With the widely accepted status of marijuana in the Evergreen State, you are sure to find all sorts of great things that weed brings to the culture of the residents over there. However, cultivating cannabis plants in Washington is still prohibited based on state-wide laws. As such, growers who plan on cultivating weed for medical or recreational purposes must do so secretly and in private!

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There is undoubtedly a solid influence that weed plays in the culture and lifestyle of the residents of Washington. The cannabis tourism industry allows “marijuana-friendly” activities around the state. Additionally, it is also projected that the cannabis tourism movement would result in up to more than 400,000 tourists per year! This would significantly improve Washington state’s economy as a whole.

In the year 1998, Washington became one of the few states at the time to push through with the legalization of medical marijuana. The bill, called Initiative 692 (I-692), permitted patients who were diagnosed with severe and debilitating conditions to use cannabis for treating their health. Initiative 692 also granted immunity to patients and caregivers to possess and purchase cannabis in Washington. Medical marijuana is overseen by the Cannabis Patient Protection Act (CPPA) established in 2015.

As one of the only two states that actually has an operating cannabis tourism industry in the USA, Washington definitely has a lot to bring to the table in terms of its cannabis scene. Based on a recent study conducted from 2015 to 2016, the state of Washington reported that around 19% of its residents admitted to using cannabis over the past year for many consecutive years. This was rather high compared to the national average of 13% per state. Also, this was during a time in which cannabis was already considered legal in the state.

Cannabis rules and regulations:


Here are some of the most important rules and regulations that people i Washington must remember:

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