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medical marijuana seeds san diego

There are many theories on the meaning of the acronym OG; the most common explanation being that they refer to the phrase “Ocean Grown”. Either way, OG Kush is an extraordinarily unfussy cannabis hybrid.

The good news is that virtually any strains will thrive in San Diego, so the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a variety. Here are two legendary strains that were developed in California:

Discreet delivery, a germination guarantee and plenty of expert advice help take away the stress of growing your personal stash for the first time.

Best strains to grow in San Diego

San Diego in California’s sunshine state is home to some of the most relaxed attitudes to cannabis in the USA. As such, getting hold of cannabis seeds is remarkably easy as there are numerous dispensaries in the city offering a wide range and if you have trouble getting hold of a particular strain, you can always order some from Weedseedsexpress.

Thanks to activists’ ceaseless efforts since the 1960s, recreational marijuana is finally legal in San Diego and indeed the rest of California. It is now possible for recreational users to grow up to six cannabis plants for personal use, along with those who grow it for medicinal use.

OG Kush feminized seeds are an essential part of the catalog of any self-respecting seed bank. The High Times named her ‘the best strain ever’ and she is certainly one of the most highly demanded strains in California and across the world.

Outdoors, OG Kush thrives in a Mediterranean-type climate where she will quickly develop to a height of 3m and a 1100g / plant yield. OG Kush is also valued for its quick flowering cycle, which doesn’t take 55 days. She is a delightful and versatile strain that knows how to be loved by everyone once in a joint.

Whether you plan to enjoy your weekend seeking out swimming holes and waterfalls like Three Sisters Waterfall or Cedar Creek Falls and Devil’s Punchbowl there is tons of nature at your disposal to enjoy. Check out one of the many Mexican restaurants San Diego has to offer or head over to Balboa Park or Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. Change pace and explore Wind & Sea Beach or 11th Street Del Mar and if you shop a reputable company like I49 online seed bank you’ll never need to go anywhere without your own home-grown stash. Buying cannabis seeds in San Diego has never been easier!

Choose from strains of cannabis seeds that pair nicely with those early morning surf sessions, backyard BBQs, walks along Sunset Cliffs or perhaps catching a Padre’s game. Regardless of your preference, or the type of high you have in mind, I49 seed bank has something for everyone.

Why choose I49 Seed Bank?

When you’re researching buying marijuana seeds online, you’ll see the term “autoflower” appear in catalogues and articles. What exactly is it and why would you want those seeds? Autoflower seeds, simply put, are the seeds of strains that will automatically flower after a short vegetation period and do not require specific time-cycled lighting. Autoflowering plants do not require light supplementing, or light deprivation cannabis for buds to form. The plants tend to be smaller in stature which makes them perfect for your backyard garden grow, without nosey neighbours or passer-bys catching a glimpse. Autoflower seeds USA has all of the seeds for your easy growing needs. Autoflowering plants can survive on as little as 5 hours of light per day. Of course, for optimal production and for your plants to thrive, they do better with 18 hours of light a day. Many autoflower seeds have a post-germination cycle of 8-12 weeks.

Check out the feminized cannabis seeds for sale in San Diego, with seed options such as autoflowering, feminized, high THC, regular, and CBD in all of your classic favorite strains and some soon to be favourites you may not have heard about yet.

Your privacy is paramount, and I49 ensures your purchase is private and discrete.

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The legalization and decriminalization of cannabis as an alternative medical remedy have been a lengthy discussion in the United States. Although, America is slowly advancing in terms of its decriminalization and legalization of medical weed laws. These mandates vary from one American city to another, particularly on the nearby local weed headshop or dispensary where the cannabis seeds or supply were obtained, the location where the cannabis seeds were developed, the intention of utilizing the cannabis, and the legal age of marijuana consumers. Most often than not, these US cities require medical patients to provide a doctor’s legal prescription or valid medical ID to be given proper access to medical weed.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Whether you have no idea about cultivating weed or a very experienced grower, we have the best marijuana seeds San Diego for you! We have a complete supply of strains that breeds well in outdoor and indoor settings in the US! Moreover, we produce a germination guide that will assist you in correctly growing your San Diego marijuana seeds for them to yield multiple amounts of harvest.

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