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medical marijuana in mo how to get seeds

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First, let’s begin with the most obvious questions: Is marijuana legal in Missouri? What about marijuana seeds?

There are plenty of imitators crowding the marketplace, promising to deliver a pure product that’s anything but. Therein lies our key differentiator. We’re industry leaders because we offer a natural, highest-quality product that doesn’t cut corners. Our team has decades of experience working with and selling marijuana seeds and we know this industry inside and out.

Indoor Versus Outdoor Growing

Next, let’s take a look at the best way to germinate your seeds once they arrive!

Still, cannabis seeds are totally legal in Missouri, because they’re considered a souvenir item. This means you can legally order them online and have them discreetly delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days.

Some of the most popular Indica cannabis seeds that we offer include:

In addition to the helpful growing guides available on our website, we also provide a dedicated customer support team ready to answer your questions and lead you toward a successful growing journey.

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On Friday, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services began notifying companies that were awarded certifications for seed-to-sale tracking systems.

Missouri announced seed-to-sale tracking system permits for the state medical marijuana program on Jan. 31, 2020. In this Feb. 14, 2019 photo, a professor at the State University of New York in Morrisville displays some cannabis seeds. (Photo: Mary Esch, AP)

Seed-to-sale systems are software meant to help in “tracking medical marijuana from either the seed or immature plant stage until the medical marijuana is sold to a qualifying patient or primary caregiver,” according to a written news release.

It was the final set of medical marijuana business license notifications in a series lasting nearly two months, as state authorities designated the first companies that will be able to enter Missouri’s medical cannabis marketplace. Boosters say legal medical weed could amount to tens of millions in economic activity within a few years.

Licensed medical marijuana businesses like commercial grow operations, manufacturing facilities that will make products like edibles, and retail dispensary stores will be required to use seed-to-sale systems.

Those systems interface with a statewide track-and-trace setup created by Metrc. The Lakeland, Florida company won a $5 million statewide contract spanning 5 years, according to September reporting by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Metrc was already tied to cannabis systems in 11 other states.