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mazar auto marijuana seeds

Just like any other cannabis strain, Auto Mazar presents a few adverse reactions, but these can be mitigated easily. Smoking while dehydrated might lead to cotton mouth and dry, red eyes, so drink lots of fluid to prevent this situation.

Your taste buds will thank you whenever you smoke 24K Gold Fem. Its strong citrus and creamy aroma will leave you wanting for more. However, be warned that users are easily deceived into consuming more because this strain is so delectable. There is a possibility that one may be totally stoned in a carefree haze. But in moderate amounts, this is a great alternative treatment for depression and mental and physical stress.

In addition to its physical benefits, its impact on mental health issues should be lauded. It may help MMJ patients handle anxiety, depression, and stress. By reducing worries and negativity, it creates space for happier and lighter thoughts.

Adverse Reactions

• Vegetation period: 40 to 70% RH, 22 to 28 degrees Celsius (71 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit)

The plant’s small size gives growers the option to raise more of them at the same time. Moreover, because it has a brief life cycle and does not depend on seasonal light cycles, cultivators may start sowing another batch as soon as the first one starts to flower. These strategies can ensure a year-round supply of bud.

It creates an invigorating mental high within the first few minutes, but do not be fooled as this easily wanes. Once this effect disappears, you will find yourself basking on Cloud Nine, completely relaxed until eventually falling into a deep sleep.

• Flowering period: 40 to 50% RH, 20 to 26 degrees Celsius (68 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit)

Your Bedtime Buddy

Mazar Autoflower is an Indica dominant strain that is a cross between an Afghani and Skunk strain mixed with a Ruderalis strain. This auto-flowering version of Mazar offers a fast flowering time of around 90 days from germination. It offers mild psychoactive effects due to its low THC content; however, that does not mean that it has no value. Relatively speaking, the incense aroma with hints of citrus create a vivid experience for its consumer.

Mazar Autoflower is an indica-leaning strain that’s the product of two very prominent strains. It has a low THC, and thus, it can help ease pain, stress, and anxiety with slight psychedelic effects. This indica hybrid grows well in any environment and offers a moderate amount of yield indoors or outdoors.

Additional Information

While many might not be enticed due to its low THC level, its relaxing effects are still palpable and effective enough to draw a pain-free sedative experience. It may not have the couch-lock experience that other marijuana strains offer, but what it does is good enough to bring you to a euphoric high. This Indica dominant plant is a great provider when grown outdoors. The sunny environment bodes well with its sturdy and durable build. Come harvest time; growers should expect decent to high amounts of yield.

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