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maxigom auto marijuana seeds


Maxi Gom can be grown perfectly in any type of crop (indoor, outdoor and greenhouse), being able to offer you 50-120 grams of great Marijuana per plant and an incredible experience which is potent and relaxing but progressive and very durable. In fact, this high will induce you in an uncontrollable urge to smile at everyone.

This specimen is able to offer everything that Super Autos are able to offer: instead of taking 100 days to finish its complete cycle, Maxi Gom can finish it in only 75 days! The plant can reach heights ranging from 80-150 cm (although it can reach a maximum of 5 meters) besides having an open structure and developing lateral branches around a huge central bud.

Maxi Gom Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Maxi Gom Marijuana is an autoflowering strain with a size and quality similar to any regular plant. Strong fruity aroma comprehending a mixture of mango, pineapple with a hint of anise along with a potent and relaxing effect.

Maxi Gom is an autoflowering strain of Marijuana obtained from the cross between Auto Mass and AK 47 resulting in an automatic plant with a size and quality similar to any regular plant. It is considered to be a real masterpiece of autoflowering cultivation capable of satisfying even the most demanding growers to the point that it has already become classic.

After a period of 75 days, these branches will develop some amazing buds filled with resin that will grow considerably in volume at the end of the flowering phase. Besides that, the same buds will pleasantly surprise you by releasing an intesely fruity aroma, a mix of mango, pineapple and an anised touch. Considering the the enormous volume of the buds, we recommend to support the plant during the flowering period.

Now on in your orders you will receive even more gifts, in addition to the free seed every 30€ you will also receive one or more of these gifts: lighter, grinder, beach bag, t-shirt and cap.

Upon receiving your marijuana seeds, you might feel relief already because you know in a relatively short time you will have some bud to help you out. This plant will help those that have all sorts of issues with pain and mental troubles. It has a good balance of cannabinoids for not getting you super stoned. So, for those that don’t want to get super stoned, you can ease your anxiety, stress, and depression without worry of becoming paranoid. This strain is also good for migraine sufferers and those with arthritis pain. Giving you back your day or even your evening when you have a surprise migraine or a flare up.

You are in for a sweet fruity smell with a hint of pine, and it will leave the area smelling fresh and clean. The pleasant smell may even negate the need for incense after you toke up.

Medical Application

AK47 Fast fem has a bigger wallop with its 19% THC but will still work for your pain to a degree with its 1-2% CBD. For you flavor connoisseur. This one is skunky and spicy with a floral tone to it.

Well, let’s get to the good part! This strain is going to help you feel great. The high is mellow, but cheerful and happy. You will be able to go about your day as you had planned despite any subtle aches or pains. There won’t be very many limitations on what you can do with a clear head and mild buzz. You will feel a mild euphoria, but it won’t get too overwhelming.

We recognize that not everyone has ample space in their home for a hydroponic set up or even a traditional soil set up. Perhaps you have a larger area to use outside that is available. If you do plant outside, you can expect each plant to produce 2.11 – 2.82 ounces per plant. There is a bonus with this plant. Because it is sturdy and fast-flowering, this can be grown at any time of the year in a greenhouse as long as it isn’t too cold outside in your region.

In order to offer the largest 100% automatic plant possible, Grass-O-Matic have crossed thier best auto AK with a splendid auto-flowering Critical Mass, their latest creation. The result has surprised even them, and they are proud to present the first generation of their auto-flowering variety, which is entirely comparable to the normal plant in size and quality. MAXI GoM is truly a 100% auto-flowering Big Bud, with a huge, compact central cola studded with lateral branches rich in hard compact buds, completely coated with white resin. Its aroma, generally sweet and fruity, can take on decidedly citrus or exotic tones, reminiscent of mango and pineapple.

Due to its large size and compact upper flowers, it is preferable to closely monitor the plant for mold during the last days of ripening.

Maxi GoM Automatic Cannabis Seeds from Grassomatic Seeds