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Can dispensaries legally sell seeds or clones to recreational buyers or is that against the law. I assume some at least have clones for medical card holders but spending that much money would be a waste, I'd just order online from out of country. If anywhere in mass did sell seeds I'd rather support the local business and immediate gratification is best! Thank you all

None are, because there's no system or method in place for them to do so at retail 🤷‍♀️

Sure, dispensaries can sell seeds and clones. It's right there in the law. Perfectly legal to trade clones, too. And, even sell seeds via private transaction.

But, you can find seeds at local hydro and gardening shops. There's a few local seed banks you can buy from online. And, there's always seeds for sale at conventions like NECANN (coming up next month).

Well grown seeds and the seed source

Currently 25% off this weekend! I grabbed a pack of Boston cream donut by mass medical strains

ALSO: Didn't realize you wanted local mass, sorry! These are CO, but they ship to me every time without issue.

EDIT: Realize you wanted femmed seeds, they have those too! I just linked the reg seeds

Some hydro stores definitely skirt the law with the "buy these classes or $X worth of product and we'll GIVE you some seeds!" but I'm pretty sure they're getting away with murder in plain site in that regard. Probably a 100% chance that if pressed, they'd say they're for novelty use or one of the aforementioned work-arounds.

Let me take some fear away from you: Nobody is coming for your small homegrow. You're more likely to be hit by a car while inside a building. Just don't do multiple illegal things at once like owning a ton of unregistered firearms or also selling meth or something. If you buy several HUNDRED seeds, then hey – it's a bit more likely but still not going to end up with you in jail.

That being said, it's basically treated like it is legal. It gets sold as novelties or as "hemp for educational purposes," or even "specialty bird seed" and the like. When getting seeds from outside the country, it even frequently comes in old-school stealth packages. Like all Nirvana seeds come in a cardboard postcard that says something like, "In Holland, we like chocolate!" and then you rip the seam and there's packages of seeds.

Growers choice was my first but seedsman basically gave me double the value with the freebies.

Seeds came within 3 weeks the first time.

I've used and recently did a bitcoin order with

lots of places just take a credit card too.

Totally legal to buy seeds, and grow 6 plants if it's just you, 12 if theres another individual over 21 who shares the address. Dcseedexchange is great resource for seeds.

Edit: oops didnt see the word “seed” in your question for some reason lmao forget my reply

Leicester culticate dispensary does recreational 🙂 go in with driver license and come out with bud and stuff