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market blue deam marijuana seeds

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Chadwick Wane – July 8, 2019

fleshgear676 – April 20, 2020

The Blue Dream seeds carry one of the mysterious and highly potent cannabis strains in the market. The word “Dream” came up as a result of the alien nature of the parent strains. The ability to develop an almost balanced Sativa to Indica ratio further makes Blue Dream feminized seeds worth trying. Without further ado, let’s get deep into Blue Dream cannabis strain basics to understand it better.

Final Thoughts on Blue Dream Seeds

The growing conditions cause the difference in THC levels in Blue Dream. Factors such as the soil nutrients, humidity levels, light, and temperature penetration into the trichomes affect the THC potency.

The Sativa and Indica levels play a huge role in determining the versatility of Blue Dream. The indicia levels play a huge role in keeping the brain relaxed. On the other hand, the Sativa levels create euphoria, making it ideal for day-time use. The almost-balanced Sativa and Indica in Blue Dream create a sense of calmness. It is hard to develop paranoia or couch-lock, especially if you take Blue Dream in reasonable doses.

Blue Dream is mainly used recreationally, thanks to its high THC levels and almost-balanced Sativa and Indica levels. The high Sativa levels make Blue Dream ideal for wake n’ bake. If you are an introvert, you should have a Blue Dream session to help you socialize more. On the other hand, the relaxation effects of this weed make it ideal for meditation. If you want the “me” time, just take a few puffs, gummies, or munchies, and you will be good to go. A reasonable dose of this magical strain during a movie session would help you to focus better.

Blue Dream marijuana seeds take a long time to finish the flowering stage like other Sativa-dominant strains. Expect the Blue Dream cannabis to finish flowering 56 to 70 days when you grow them indoors. The same strain is ready for harvest between mid-September to mid-October when grown outdoors.

If you are looking for similar strains, you have options! I49 has the feminized version of the Blue Dream strain. There is also an autoflowering version or you can try Cinderella 99 x Blueberry Fem seeds that have a shorter flowering time. If you want something a little less potent but with the same tasty flavor profile and overall effects, try Blueberry x White Widow marijuana seeds. Alternatively, Blue Head Band Fem is known for the classic berry flavor but offers a more subdued body experience. If you are looking for a similar experience, similar make up and with similar fruity flavors, give the good old fashioned Blueberry Fem a smoke, or it’s faster counterpart Auto Blueberry Fem!

Whether you are using Blue Dream for medicinal or recreational purposes, there are numerous effects that make this an American favorite. Waking up groggy to a hoot of this delectable bud will perk you up and get you going in no time! The energized and uplifted stone will keep you floating throughout your day. As it mellows and the focus kicks in, dive into your creative process and let the exceptional smoke carry your creative juices towards a masterpiece! This strain is almost a 50/50 hybrid which means it offers the euphoric, cerebral high that uplifts and energizes, but has the grounded and relaxed qualities to keep you level and productive. No wonder this is one of the crowd favorites!

This strain is a mix of two crowd pleasers, the indica pinch hitter Blueberry. and the sativa star, Haze. This Blue Dream hybrid strain falls pretty close to 50/50 and you will find variations that fall slightly on the indica dominant side. However, generally these seeds are heavy on the sativa end of the spectrum and are, indeed, a dream. The balanced and potent effects are favored by novice and veteran users alike! Originating in California and known for its medical impact, this strain is noted for its multiple effects on a variety of conditions. However, it is also a growing favorite among recreational users as well. The delicious, sweet, blueberry flavor lingers on the senses even after the smoke has cleared, making this a tasty dose of literal and metaphorical medicine. The energized high sinks into a subdued, but alert, mellow high which makes this an optimal choice for the day-time smoker.


Thriving in warmer climates, this is a great strain to take root indoors or in a greenhouse. You have got to make sure these babies get a decent amount of light as they are photoperiod bloomers! While these plants will grow well in either soil or a hydroponic system, doing so in tandem with the Sea of Green (SOG) technique will provide the best results! SOG is a technique where growers induce flowering in the young, small plants to get even more crops per year. Who doesn’t want more from their plant babies?

While they will grow outdoors, indoor growing is recommended as they are a bit finicky. If you are set on outdoors, you will have to make sure you are protecting from more extreme weather shifts and parasites. A spot with a good deal of sun and protection from harsh wind will be your best bet. Unless you are in a Mediterranean or subtropical climate, in which case you can carry on and they will do just fine!

Having trouble getting out of bed? Struggling to greet the day? This super potent, berry flavored, blissful blend is great for those who suffer from depression, fatigue, lack of appetite and muscle pain. Smoking these tasty nugs offers uplifting euphoria, focus and an energy boost, making it a great option for getting you up and moving in the morning. Blue Dream is strong enough that the high will last all day, and the indica component allows for a relaxed focus to carry you through your commitments with purpose! The potency offers swift relief from symptoms, which makes this a great way to start your day with ease. Help that stress roll off your back and your brain to tune out worry so you can get into your task with a clear and calm mind. This fantastic, well balanced strain helps you feel active and calm at the same time, perfect for day-time use. While this strain does a lot for mood lifting, it also helps with physical pain. Inflammatory, arthritic pain can be relieved as well as migraine pain. This strain kicks in quick, so can be a great option for soothing those aches rapidly!

Thinking about hopping on a home or commercial grow operation? These marijuana seeds are a great place to start for a beginner or are a great addition to your repertoire. Growing to be about four feet tall, these plants will provide a hefty yield for your smoking pleasure. The bright green, long leaves and green flowers with yellow pistils make this not only a treat for the taste buds, but also for the eyes. Coated in crystals and smelling of blueberries, these buds are waiting to be devoured by all your senses.