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Commercial and industrial growers face many challenges and that is why we proudly provide our seeds at a wholesale purchase. What this means to you as a grower is you no longer have to worry about constantly having to order more seeds. We have all the seeds you have ever wanted, and we have fantastic bulk buying packages.

When it comes to harvesting Purple Thai, although can be a challenge to grow, cultivators can be elated with a generous yield with a long 11-13 weeks of flowering. With a little bit of skill, you get to watch your colossal giants bloom to a glorious flowering phase, as it shows off its forest-green nugs, that shine with a purplish hue in the sun, while draped in stunning fiery orange pistils. If you are growing outdoors be sure to harvest no later than the last week of October, as this strain does not like the cold. After 11-13 weeks of flowering outdoors, your plant can produce up to a whopping 35 ounces per plant, which is an insane amount of weed for such a tall and slender strain. Growing indoors provides a hefty amount of weed as well with 2-3 ounces per square foot. Whatever way you decide to grow, Purple Thai will reward you with marvelous marijuana.

Purple Thai is adored by medicinal and recreational users for its riveting effects. This potent sativa allows you to enjoy a pain-free and worry-free world. With a strong THC of 20%, this strain contains psychoactive properties that can act both as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory, which can help soothe arthritis, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis. Anyone suffering from mental issues such as anxiety, stress, or depression can feel relief as this nerve-calming strain goes to work. It can melt away your stress, wake you up, and relax depressive symptoms. Cancer patients appreciate that this strain can help ease nausea. It can help stimulate your appetites so you can tolerate whatever meal comes your way. An alternative treatment for chronic pain and anxiety, this all-natural herb has only minor side effects compared to prescription pharmaceuticals.

Normal Flavors, Fragrances, and Effects

This gentle giant is astounding as it reaches new heights of up to 13.5 feet outdoors, growing impressively tall and slender. Purple Thai thrives in a tropical climate. Flourishing in the sunshine it can reach enormous lengths and can do particularly well in the north during a nice and warm summer. Although this plant loves to grow vertically, growing indoors has its benefits for obtaining complete control of your environment. Indoors they can grow from 5-8.5 feet, so be sure to have ample ceiling space and use powerful HID lamps to keep them nice and warm. Since they grow to such heights, using a Screen of Green (ScrOG) method can result in fantastic yields and produce divine plants and nugs. Growers found that manipulating your plants gently to grow through some sort of a mesh screen, creates a canopy-like structure, holding your plants upright as they grow through the screen. This will allow your branches to form evenly on the bud sights and proves to be economical as you no longer have to worry about multiple lights potentially drying out your crop. One light is all you need with this method as your bud will be evenly spread out to show off a sea of potent and beautiful flowers, that will be ready to harvest in no time.

Purple Haze Photo Fem is that weed you have dreamed of with its appealing nugs and aromas that will make you very proud to grow. A conversation starter, this strain will stimulate your thoughts and allow you to let go into just being yourself. Feel completely free and at ease as it carries you on throughout the entire day.

Oaxaca Gold is a little firecracker, and its origins began in the Oaxaca region of Mexico. This plant is gorgeous, to say the least, just like the name itself promises. This plant likes to show off, with lavish, and popcorn shaped brilliant bright green nugs, that are coated in vividly orange hairs and draped in amber crystal trichomes. It is a stunner to grow in the garden. Aromas of spicy pepper and sour citrus fill the air, and when lit, a fruity berry overtone gloriously fills up the room. Get yourself off of the couch and get out and see what the world has to offer while enjoying its predominantly sativa effects. A toke of this dank weed will promise to get you out of your funk and ready to explore, seeing your surroundings in a brand new light.

Purple Thai is extremely rewarding to grow, and cultivators found an even easier and more fun way to cultivate, by feminizing these seeds. The process of feminizing seeds is quite revolutionary. Clever breeders ingeniously found that stressing a female plant during its vegetative state causes the plant to self-pollinate. That plant is then used to fertilize the rest of the crop. That fertilized crop then produces only female seeds without any male genetics. Cultivating without the worry of determining the sex of your plants is a time saver. Male plants will pollinate a crop and will cause the plants around to produce less potent and seedy buds which are not ideal when you just want to grow amazing marijuana.

So, you have decided that you want to add this majestic strain to your indoor growing setup. That’s a fantastic idea! They will thrive with a hydroponics set up that utilizes the Sea of Green technique. The SOG technique will help combat the bushiness of the plant. Make sure to have proper ventilation and a strong trimming schedule to help the light reach the lower leafage. With 8 weeks of consistent monitoring you will see 400-500 grams of glorious bud.

As you let the smoke whirl around in your mouth you are going to feel a rush of this potent THC content. It delivers a journey that starts out as a euphoric cerebral buzz and helps erase any negativity floating around in your head. Simultaneously, you will feel the strong indica roots as it promotes calmness and if you aren’t careful you can feel extremely subdued which will not work if you have work to do or need to be up and about. If you enjoy more than a toke or two be prepared to melt into the couch and be unlikely to be up and at ’em until you’ve had a glorious snooze.


With rockstar parents, this strain will produce an aroma that tickles the senses. Known for its strong sweet aroma, this premium ganja strain will make you think you are in the middle of a world class vineyard with the sweet grape smell that is filled with hints of subtle earthy tones. This aromatic beauty will have your friends intrigued and wanting to make their way over to hang out.

You will want to germinate these immediately after the last frost so that they are given every opportunity to thrive. These little beauties love the outdoors and work well in a cooler climate if properly supported. This is a resilient and hardy strain but don’t let its love of the cooler climate fool you. Make sure to avoid super cold weather and frost or these babies will be goners and you will be left feeling like you’ve lost a loved one. You will be in awe of the rich, gluey trichomes as you harvest them in late-September.

While this dope is great for providing the positive vibes, it also gets a lot of action in the pain relief arena. It is often used by those suffering from arthritis, chronic pain, and migraines. It helps ease away some of the discomfort from these debilitating conditions and can make it easier to move freely and with less pain. Talk about a quality of life improvement!

Even when you grow strains with well attested purple qualities, the amount of colour that you see in your final crop will be strongly related to the growing conditions that you employ. Plants will still also exhibit the more common green colouring, but it’s the purple tones that catch the eye.

Another purple strain well worth a second look is Purple Widow, a well-balanced Sativa and Indica hybrid that’s prized not only for its purple colour, but also for its powerfully cerebral hit and its excellent yields.

One example of purple weed is Purple Kush, an Indica dominant strain from California. The straightforward name may suggest it is simple, but it’s a potent strain with a subtle mix of flavours including grapes, berries and citrus.

There are around a couple of dozen widely available purple strains of marijuana in today’s marketplace. The seeds of these strains produce plants that have a noticeable purple colouring on the leaves and stems as well as on the buds. At one time, only plants grown outdoors and subjected to cooler temperatures displayed the purple colour, but intensive breeding programmes over the last couple of decades have also served to emphasise this quality.

Grandaddy Purple (GDP), popular on the Californian medical marijuana and cannabis club scene, is Indica-dominant strain which gives a good display of purple hues. Its flavour includes notes of fresh berries and exotic spices, and the high is powerfully physical and relaxing. Medical practitioners recommend it for muscular pain and insomnia.