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If you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds that produce buds with NO SEEDS, you’re probably after feminized plants. Feminized cannabis ensures there is no cross-pollination with male plants that can result in changes in your plants yield and potency.

When you buy marijuana seeds online, you should factor in whether you’ll be growing your bud indoor or outdoor. This matters because certain plants like certain climates, and other plants like the coziness of an indoor growing setup.

Literally the most famous strain of marijuana on the planet. If you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds that have a global appeal, Blue Dream is a solid bet. This cannabis just makes you feel GOOD. It has a pronounced mood boosting effect, with a touch of headiness. Blue Dream’s flavor is distinctly sweet.


The good ol’ standby. Regular marijuana seeds are often less expensive than autoflowering and feminized, but come with a mix of both male and female seeds.

Here’s why MSNL ROCKS:

If you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds online though, there are some stalwarts that are fan favorites. They’re often favorites for a reason: they check off the most boxes for the most amount of people.

For the beginner grower, autoflowering plants can be a god send. They give you a bit of the experience of growing your own bud while being fairly hassle-free. The reputable seed banks in the US that we’ve highlighted above all sell autoflowering seeds that are GUARANTEED to grow into autoflowering plants.

True North Seedbank in Canada seems to be a big player. The reviews are good and inventory looks good. However, USA shipping is $20+ and stealth is $30+

It seems logical that US based growers would stop dealing with customs and start buying seeds stateside. Sorry Herbies and Attitude I enjoyed buying from both of them.

Sweet Cheeba Chiefa

All around awesomeness!

I just ordered off one of umbra’s list (thanks again, bud) so I should have something good (or bad) to report before long.

I ordered some Hazeman XXX. Anyone have any knowledge of this breeder or this strain?