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marijuana seeds through airport

The likely response depends on the airport rather than the state. At Denver International Airport, for example, marijuana is banned anywhere on airport property. It is a very different story at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

It doesn’t mean you can go through security openly carrying cannabis. A TSA agent can stop you and contact the police as per the usual protocols. The difference is that the APD will arrive and wave you through.

Yet even then, the issue is far from cut and dried. The TSA is tasked with keeping planes and passengers secure. They are far more concerned about finding explosive devices than marijuana.

What About the Legal Marijuana States?

Will you be arrested in an airport in a recreational state? The answer is: “It depends.” Officials are lenient in certain airports, such as John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, for example. Therefore, airport police won’t charge you with a crime if you have a state legal amount. You won’t be allowed to bring it onboard, however.

At the time of writing, passengers at LAX are allowed to travel through security with up to 8 grams of concentrated marijuana and 28.5 grams of marijuana flower. The policy also applies to several other airports under APD jurisdiction.

The TSA’s screening procedures mean detecting potential threats. As a result, they are not actively looking for drugs, so you could technically sneak through without a problem. However, the likely outcome is that a TSA agent will find the cannabis and hand you over to airport security.

Cannabis has been legal for recreational use in California since January 1, 2018. On the same day, LAX updated its marijuana policy. According to the airport’s official website, Los Angeles Airport Police Division (LAPD) officers have no jurisdiction to arrest anyone in possession of marijuana. That is, as long as you carry it following state law.

on many occasions i have brought them back with me from amsterdam,

. anyway it's an act, a statue, forced on you unlawfully. A STATUTE which only applies with your consent . dont consent.

Fuck em bro..just put em in yr jeans pocket in your suitcase. forget about them, you left em there on accident. remember !!

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i can even buy them ( sensi-seed ) from my local tattooists..

I wouldn't go with 'its legal for ornamental use', MJ seeds are illegal. Just put em in a pocket like everyone else says. I carry worse stuff than that on planes.

I just got back from OR. I'd stashed some seeds in my suitcase months back. still in their original labeled packaging with big fat weed leaves on em.

. anyway it's an act, a statue, forced on you unlawfully. A STATUTE which only applies with your consent . dont consent.