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Mazar is the result of blending Afghans with the genetics of Skunk. It is very impressive in its huge efficiency, and it produces a 100 percent Indica resin. This weed also does not demand great attention and shall be ready for harvest in mid-October. It will also make a good weed for the beginners to cultivate.

In certain cases of the auto-flowering smallest plants exhibit the genetics of auto-flowering that offers a Ruderalis breed, its growth development, and flowering is early. Because of this reason, these plants are expected not to grow tall.

The good thing about growing this small weed is that it does not require a lot of care to prosper. It quickly matures outdoor and with natural light.

Super Bud

The consumption of this weed will make you seem to fly. It has a penetrating flavor.

White Dwarf can prosper both indoors and outdoors. Its THC content reaches up to 18 percent. It has a piercing scent with a tasty flavor.

This weed is known for its discrete and small size. It works well in small places and reaches the harvest period in as quickly as 2 months. Its flexibility against plagues and the quick life cycle make it best for the beginners.

With a THC content that reaches up to 19 percent, the weed is expected to deliver great power.

In small vertical spaces (like a grow box, small cupboard or furniture piece, or computer tower), you’ll usually be better off placing your main grow lights along one or multiple sides of your plant. This will allow you to grow a bigger canopy, improve light penetration through the canopy, and prevent plants from stretching towards the top of your grow space.

Luckily, ventilating a cannabis micro grow space is easy.

How to Water Cannabis Plants in a Micro Grow

If you’re growing in a short yet wide space (like a shelf, for example), you may want to use super cropping or fimming early on to create a short canopy packed with thick colas. In fact, super cropping may come in handy in either case, as it strengthens your plant in time for bloom and, like LST, can direct growth in the right direction to make better use of your lights.

The minimum amount of space you’ll need to grow weed in a micro setup is 35 × 35 × 75cm. To accommodate the lack of space in a micro grow, you’ll have to make minor adjustments to your lighting and ventilation, the strains you choose to grow, your medium, and your watering/feeding schedule.

Furthermore, during the flowering phase sativas undergo a 200-300% increase in height, while Indicas increase only by 50-100%, which shows that indicas are more compatible with micro growing.