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marijuana seeds shipped to alaska

Welcome to Pacific Seed Bank, North America’s premier place to buy marijuana seeds in Alaska! We serve the U.S. and Canada, which means we’ve got you covered up there in the great white north. Whether you’re a first time grower or an experienced gardener, a medical marijuana card holder or a recreational user, we’ve got the seeds you need. Browse our inventory, buy online through our secure network, and we’ll deliver you seeds right to your door! To learn more about our delivery service, click here.

Buying marijuana seeds online has never been easier. Pacific Seed Bank has the best selection of fully feminized marijuana seeds around at competitive prices. So whether you’re buying 5 or 500 seeds, you know that you’ll get high quality marijuana seeds delivered directly to you, every time. We ship to the U.S. and Canada using our fast and discreet delivery service. Find your perfect weed seeds today and let your growing journey begin!

Crystal Coma AutoFlowering Marijuana Seeds

These are the types of seeds you can purchase from our website:

A perfect blend of CBD and THC, CBD 3D marijuana seeds produce plants that pop and effects that will leave you happily wanting more.

Durban Poison is the Adderall of the marijuana world. This pure sativa clears the mind while boosting focus, concentration, and all your senses.

Natural, or regular, weed seeds are seeds that grow into both male and female plants. Male plants are used to pollinate the females for seed production. Females, when pollinated, will provide seedy yields that you can harvest for future growing. When the females are developed without the help of a male they will develop the flowers we cure and use to smoke, eat, and turn into other products. If you purchase regular weed seeds and wish to collect only usable nugs, then you must monitor the seedlings and weed out the males before they have a chance to pollinate. There is also the option of buying feminized. These seeds were created by stressing a female to generate pollen and using that plant to pollinate other females. The result is pure female seeds that produce all female plants. This eliminates the need to weed and creates a slightly easier growing process for newbies. You can find lots of options and Order Chronic Seeds through

There are so many ways to spend your days exploring Alaska, all of which could be enhanced with the right strain of bud. Buy Ganja Seeds Cheap with and start developing a homegrown stash that will perfectly accompany your activities in this spectacular space.

One recommendation for an epic garden-grow would be buying Girl Scout Cookies #2 For Sale. This indica dominant bud offers a fast, potent high that is favored by recreational and medicinal users alike. This is the perfect strain to reach for at the end of the day, especially if your muscles are sore after wandering the trails that surround the stunning Hubbard Glacier. THC levels of about 22% are delivered on sticky nugs that taste and smell of sweet earth. The plants are relatively easy to grow and come in the feminized or autoflowering option for even more ease. These seeds have the classic indica stature, small and bushy. Often it is necessary to keep your plants hidden from public view and these plants make it easy to keep prying eyes away. The indica genes also help these babies to be better able to withstand temperature fluctuations, though to avoid mold and mildew, it is important to keep them sheltered from the rain. While they are capable of handling minor temperature shifts, these herbs will not survive the first fall frosts. Make sure to harvest by October to protect your yield. A successful grow can offer up 17.6 ounces of curable bud per plant.

Best Indoor Weed Strains for Alaska Growers?

Good news! The purchase and possession of marijuana seeds are legal in Alaska. You can browse through our catalog and Buy 420 Seeds online anytime and have them shipped to your door.

A uniquely Alaskan experience is the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Dog sled teams from around the world mush through downtown Anchorage in March in one of the greatest races in the world. The Palmer Reindeer Farm is another worthy attraction, especially for those who believe in the magic of Santa Claus.

Even though use is illegal in public spaces, it is permissible in private residences or on private property. There are also designated shops that are approved spots for consumption. Keep in mind that some spaces have policies that prohibit marijuana use, so it is important to check with the property owners before indulging. There are also some differences from city to city, so make sure you are up to date on local restrictions.

Feminized seeds, like most others, can be germinated in a variety of ways. Perhaps the easiest way is with the classic paper towel method. This is where you take several sheets of paper towels and wet them. Place one sheet on a plate with the seeds spread out on top. Add another sheet and plate on top, creating a little moisture dome. Make sure to keep the paper towel damp throughout the process. It should only take 1 to 4 days for the taproots to break through the shell and then you can transport them to their prepared growing medium. Make sure not to touch the taproots while you are transporting them, as they are delicate and easily damaged. Another option is to simply add the seeds to damp soil so you do not have to worry about transporting them. Buying cubes in which you place the seed in and just add water, or buying inexpensive germination stations that offer effortless humidity control are other methods. Have Feminized Seeds Delivered to your door when ordering from online seed banks like