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marijuana seeds ship to idaho

In a state that so harshly frowns upon even allowing medical patients to receive any benefits of cannabis, you might wonder if any portion of the plant would be allowed at all. As fate would have it, seeds are perfectly acceptable. You can safely and legally purchase cannabis seeds online as souvenirs without fear of negative consequences.

At i49, we offer a vast selection of cannabis seeds. We bring you varieties in all categories, including those with high CBD levels and only trace amounts of THC. Some of the more hemp-like alternatives in our lineup are:

Where Does Idaho Stand on Medical Marijuana?

Cannabis, in numerous forms, has been around for millennia. Ages ago, ancient medical practitioners discovered various parts of the plants’ powerful abilities to relieve pain, break up blood clots, treat wounds, eliminate parasites and even potentially prevent hair loss according to some accounts.

On last count, an estimated 800 different strains of cannabis had been developed and were recognized by various organizations. New ones are continually being discovered and created. Some contain lofty levels of THC and only small amounts of CBD whereas others veer in the opposite direction. Still more offer equal amounts of both.

In short, no. Recently, lobbyists for the legalization of hemp almost found success. A bill allowing for the cultivation of hemp for various purposes was presented to the state’s lawmakers. Hemp and marijuana fall into the same family, but hemp lacks the THC found in marijuana that’s known for producing psychoactive effects.

If this bill passed, it will allow smokers with certain qualifying conditions to have access to CBD products that contain little to no THC — the compound that gives you the high or stoned feeling. We have every reason to believe that, eventually, Idaho will legalize marijuana. All the west coast states, including Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada, have all legalized marijuana for recreational use to persons 21 and older. If this trend continues, and we believe that it will, Idaho should pass recreational weed in the near future.

Blue Cookies combines mental and physical effects, hitting the brain first and then melting the body into the couch. This indica-leaning hybrid is hard-hitting and powerful.

Think of Lee Roy Autoflowering marijuana seeds as your morning cup of coffee without the negative side effects, such as jittery behavior and elevated heart rate. This sativa-dominant hybrid wakes your brain up to elevate your productivity, motivation, and creativity, all while keeping you calm and relaxed. Plus, it smells of refreshing lemons and limes!

Maxi Gom Autoflowering

We’re your source for the very best marijuana seeds available online today. All of our fine cannabis seeds are fully feminized and completely ungerminated, making them legal to buy and own in the US. We source our seeds from experienced growers around the world, and every strain we sell has been lab-tested for genetic quality.

When it comes to medical conditions, we want to be careful with the words “cure” and “treatment.” Even though marijuana has shown to be quite helpful and effective in patients with epilepsy, it cannot “cure” anything. The effects of marijuana are temporary. The relief is temporary. That’s why so many patients rely on marijuana on a daily basis—and the reason why medical marijuana could be legal in all 50 states. Marijuana has the power to help so many people from a variety of medical backgrounds.

Far from being frightening, Zombie Kush marijuana is an indica-dominant strain that will have you seeking little more than the comfort of your bed.

Critical skunk is an essential choice for those looking for a mild, conversational high that ends with relaxation or, perhaps, arousal.

It’s time to boost your business with the best varieties of marijuana seeds available and at the best wholesale prices in the market: Trust Weed Seeds USA, Idaho’s leading provider of commercial seed. Contact us to buy your seeds or purchase online.

So, you Order CBD Seeds and they arrive at your door guaranteed to germinate! Awesome! Now what? There are several ways to germinate your seeds and these methods apply to all types. They require air, water, and heat. Once the root breaks through the shell, water is necessary for survival. Temperatures that mimic spring, a balance between warm and hot, are ideal and will provide the quickest results.

Also known as Tangerine Dream, it is one of the most outstanding marijuana seeds in Idaho. This strain of marijuana seeds has been a winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup. It has a sweet citrus aroma and limonene terpene profile. It is effortless to cultivate and produces buds with a high concentration of THC. Its genetics is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Idaho?

Wondering why you should choose for all your weed needs? We are an online American Seeds Store that offers superior quality weed seeds. We source our genetically pure seeds from reputable and experienced growers, ensuring their quality. We also store and transport our seeds in the perfect conditions to maintain their structural integrity so that we can offer our customers a germination guarantee on the majority of our seeds. Not only can you feel confident that you are receiving the best seeds, but you can feel safe and supported in your online shopping experience. We have an educated team that is happy to assist with any questions or concerns while you go about your home cultivation journey. We also offer secure payment options and discreet packaging to protect your privacy. Contact Us through our online contact form or phone number for support. You do not have to maneuver through this endeavor alone!

This is an extraordinary weed seed variety. These Idaho marijuana seeds are hybrids between a male AK47 and a female White Widow. It requires a complete season, but it blooms in only 8 or 10 weeks. The seeds produce robust and dense plants with very resinous flowers. It is a hybrid with a predominance of Sativa (55%) so that its effect produces extraordinary body sedation. It can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. You will obtain strains with a soft, spicy, earthy, and slightly skunk taste.

If you want to Buy Wholesale Seeds For Sale, head to Weed Seeds USA for a great selection. Strains with distinct genetics offer slightly different things. Whether you are looking for high THC options that will send you into a mind-bending high, or high CBD options that will offer therapeutic benefits without soaring psychoactive qualities, you will discover the perfect seeds for you at You can find options that are more invigorating and suited for day time motivation and strains that relax your mind and body and allow for deep sleep. Do you want a bud that tastes of sweet candy and fruit, or one with a musky, woody strain that can help to ground you? There are a lot of strains to browse through, but you are sure to find one that meets all of your unique needs.

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