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marijuana seeds ship to alaska

If enough days have passed and your seeds still haven’t sprouted a taproot, a lack of water could be to blame. In this case, you can try the emergency cup method to restore moisture.

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What does this mean?

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Remove the seeds from the paper towel and plate, and re-submerge them in a cup of distilled water until you notice a taproot forming. Then, repeat the steps above, keeping the seeds covered in a paper towel until the taproot grows to .5 inches long.

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But is it possible to grow marijuana in Alaska?

In recent years, moves to legalise both the medical usage and recreational usage of cannabis in Alaska have been adopted with Alaska now one of eleven U.S states to introduce a commercialised cannabis market-place.

Alaska Cannabis Law

Famed for its incredible nature and wide variety of wildlife, Alaska also has a long-standing reputation for having some of the countries most progressive cannabis laws having become the first state in 1975 to give adults privacy rights to use marijuana in their own home.

This unprecedented ruling marked the beginning of Alaska´s largely progressive approach to cannabis legalisation.

Having decriminalised marijuana usage in 1982, and then re-criminalised it again in 1990, medical marijuana legality would follow in 1998 with the law allowing patients with a doctor’s recommendation to possess up to one ounce of cannabis. Patients may also cultivate up to six plants.

Durban Poison is the Adderall of the marijuana world. This pure sativa clears the mind while boosting focus, concentration, and all your senses.

Due to Alaska’s cold weather and tragically short summer, outdoor growing is extremely difficult and not recommended. Even growing marijuana plants in a greenhouse may be problematic, unless it is heated regularly. Therefore, we recommend growing your marijuana plants indoors. Depending on how many plants you wish to grow at a time, your grow room can be as small as a closet or as big as your garage; really, you just need an enclosed indoor space in which you can control the temperature and the light. Marijuana plants rely on an established cycle of light and dark to transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. To learn more about growing marijuana plants indoors, click here .

These are the types of seeds you can purchase from our website:

Popular Marijuana Seed Strains

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Diesel is a fan-favorite for its signature citrus-diesel aroma, big buds, and its happy feeling. Depressed consumers may find relief with this sativa strain.

A perfect blend of CBD and THC, CBD 3D marijuana seeds produce plants that pop and effects that will leave you happily wanting more.

Granddaddy Purple marijuana seeds are a staple on the west coast. With their grape and berry scent and resin-coated buds, they’re excellent for improving sleep and easing pain