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For example, if you have picked indoor seeds, you can further put filters like ‘high-CBD’, ‘feminized’, ‘photoperiod’, etc. This helps you find the perfect product.

Now based out of Amsterdam, Barney’s Farm has been a recipient of several awards for its innovation in the field of cross-breeding and developing new strains. Strains like Pineapple Chunk and Critical Kush are products of Barney’s Farm.

The following are some of the products the company sells:

How to Save Money: Look for Promos & Discount Codes

Regular cannabis seeds are, obviously, cheaper than feminized cannabis seeds as they are the natural variety and have had no intervention. These are great for hobby growing (cannabonsai style) or for beginners who are looking to hone their cultivation skills and don’t want to waste their money on expensive high end strains.

The platform has a blog dedicated to updates in this regard. Their social media timeline also keeps a track of when cannabis becomes legalized in different countries.

Once you have selected a payment method, unfortunately, you cannot change it to a different method.

Overall Seedsman has some of the most positive review averages on the web. Being around since 2003 has garnered a loyal following and has cemented them as an OG in the online seed-selling space.

In 2007, we launched the Seedsman Feminised cannabis seeds range, which was put together from strains created by breeders we had befriended in previous years. We have kept the number of strains to a minimum so that we can maintain the highest quality possible. Each strain offers a unique taste, and importantly, growth characteristics which display each strain’s individual genetic make-up.

As well as mass hybrid cannabis strains with mass market appeal, we are also very keen to maintain high quality landrace strains, as we see these as the fundamental genetics in cannabis evolution.

Seedsman's cannabis seeds have come from pioneering breeders, some who prefer to remain nameless and others who are known worldwide for the quality of their breeding. Sacred Seeds and Sam the Skunkman are our most famous suppliers. The huge breeding programme helped to create seminal marijuana strains such as Skunk #1 and Original Haze.

In 2011, we introduced our Autoflowering Feminised strains which, like all cannabis seeds under the Seedsman brand, offer great quality at a very reasonable price.