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We don’t sell anything that doesn’t meet this standard. Every product is meticulously cultured, tasted, and tested to make sure we deliver nothing but the best product on the market. Everything we do is held to the highest standard; from our state of the art facility, to our signature purple packaging, to our numerous products.

Our customers want the best, and our only goal is to deliver it. Welcome to Dream City Cannabis. Look around and see why the recommendation you’ll hear in any dispensary is, “Anything in the purple packaging.”

While Craig is set to have the first fully outdoor marijuana operation in Jefferson County, his won’t be the first in the state.

Craig had initially sought to lease property off Larson Lake Road, after he filed for a permit from the state Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) in December 2013 to be a Tier 3 producer and processor.

In the city, air filtration systems are put in place to conceal the operation from neighbors who might be feet from an exhaust vent – not thousands of feet away from a field of flowers.

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“No,” said Craig. “Any odor from the ripening flowers is not able to travel far enough to reach surrounding properties.”

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“It’s going to happen in the county. I look at it as, I’m taking it and putting it out in the open field, as opposed to it being closer to people,” said Short, who plans to hay the rest of the 5 acres, around the marijuana grow, as he has for years.

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Craig owns Rhizosphere Consulting, and many of his clients are in the blooming marijuana industry. One of his clients is Marty Gay, owner of Jefferson County Cannabis. It was Gay, Craig recalled, who first introduced him to Roger Short.

Discovery Garden is a beautiful garden and processing center perched on Discovery Bay in Washington State. It is our mission to grow truly regenerative cannabis–cannabis that regenerates communities, people, and its ecosystem.

Regenerative Cannabis refers to growing cannabis with the philosophy and tools subsumed under regenerative agriculture . Why yet another term along with "organic" and "sustainable"? For one, regenerative agriculture practices go beyond organic practices and regenerative agriculture refers to a more specific set of practices than sustainable practices. With regenerative practices we are placing great emphasis on the soil food web, or "living soil". Part of this approach involves not tilling the soil, or "no-till." Furthermore, we are taking into account the wealth of ecological benefits provided by nature. This includes companion plants for hosting beneficial insects. It also includes keeping the natural vegetation in tact and thriving so that natural predators such as lizards and beetles can feel happy and welcome.


We utilize biological and ecological management practices, consisting of "living soil" ecology and biological pest management. Because of this, our plants are very healthy and yield potent oils.

Our concentrates are made with potent flowers, unlike other processors who use only trim. Our topicals are made using nanotechnology which allows the cannabinoid compounds to penetrate the skin barriers. They were developed in collaboration with expert chemists in order to optimize effectiveness and consistency.

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Recover your health and discover the wealth with Discovery Garden.