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marijuana seeds packaging

Storing cannabis seeds.

Online cannabis seeds with the best quality packaging.

The new Dutch Passion seed tins have a hinged lid. On the lid is a transparent window so you can see the internal seed packet. The tin has a metallic foil seal and has the Dutch Passion name stamped physically into the lid, this makes it quite unique and distinctive. One of the extra benefits of the new Dutch Passion packaging is to make it impossible for fake Dutch Passion seeds to be sold in counterfeit packaging. Although this wasn’t a major problem, some of the larger seed companies have been concerned about the increase in low quality counterfeit seeds in recent years. Dutch Passion customers receiving their seeds in the new packaging, with a foil-seal on the box can rest assured that they have genuine Dutch Passion seeds.

The main reason for the new metal packaging is to avoid crushed seeds and improve the safety of the seeds during transport and storage for customers.

Once you have germinated your seeds, the tins can be re-used to store your joints, extracts, hash, weed, rolling papers etc. The tins are also excellent humidity barriers and a good container for medium-term storage of your seeds. We recommend storing seeds at 5ºC in a fridge where they will retain freshness for several years.

Dutch Passion are pleased to announce tough new metal seed containers complete with 4-colour printing inside and out. Its a big change to the packaging and appearance of Dutch Passion seeds and a big quality improvement for customers.

The new tins are slim, just 7mm thick, so they wont take up much space. They measure 90mm x 87mm and weigh 43g. They are strong enough to protect the seeds from accidental damage. Inside the tin is a rip-resistant plasticised paper seed pack, this is very difficult to tear open, scissors are the best way to open it. The polymer/paper inner seed packet protects the seeds from external moisture, this allows the seeds to retain the optimised moisture levels set by Dutch Passion when the seeds were packed.

Full Scale does much more than just designing the best pop top bottles around. We also excel at creating unique packaging solutions and designing beautiful packaging graphics. Our experienced designers and account team are ready to produce an incredible package for your brand. Some of our common custom packaging options include: carton boxes, tabbed together boxes, chipboard boxes, paper bags, cloth bags, mylar, glass jars, custom wooden boxes.

For Swamp Boys Seeds, we created a custom packaging design for their seed vial. These custom boxes feature a matte black board with gold foil stamp on the outer shell and inner tray.

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