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Original Afghani #1 is an Afghani indica landrace cannabis strain known for its dense, resinous buds superb for hash production. A true-breeding inbred line strain originally obtained from Sacred Seeds in the seventies, the Original Afghani #1 regular seeds sold by Seedsman are stable genetics for breeders to work with. The plants grow short, stocky, and are quick to finish. Huge aromatic buds that ooze copious amounts of resin. Stoney indica high.

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12. Original Afghani #1 Regular Seeds

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William’s Wonder is an indica hybrid that dates back to the eighties when you could find it in the Super Sativa Seed Club’s catalog, described as a very suitable strain for commercial indoor growing with heavy yields of extremely resinous buds. Reproduced from the original seed stock, William’s Wonder regular seeds by SickMeds grow into short, squat plants that stay around a meter tall and get loaded with heavy buds. Sweet candy aroma and flavor. Powerful, euphoric head high. 20% THC.

White Russian by Serious Seeds is a stable indica hybrid crossbred with original AK-47 and White Widow strains. With its distinctly high bud-to-leaf ratio and dense, resinous colas, White Russian produces some serious indica dank. The seeds grow into medium-height consistent plants that develop huge smelly flower tops abundant in resin. Long-lasting cerebral high.

Fragrant as a rose and sweet as sugar, but punches like a prize-fighter.

A true cannabis classic.

Durban Poison Fem

As your cannabis plants grow, their roots will develop, and their main stems will thicken enough to support additional branches and leaves. With enough nutrients, soil, and water, it may take a single cannabis plant a month and half to move into the flowering phase.

After planting, the first stalks will sprout and start to grow their first leaves. Depending on the strain you’ve selected, it may take two or three weeks for these leaves to emerge. Sprouting time also depends on lighting quality, soil type, and the amount of air and water the seedlings get.

For all the stressed-out individuals out there, this is truly a gift from the cannabis gods.