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marijuana seeds nl

Shipping times to Europe are fast, with orders to the UK being delivered within 3 days and orders to the rest of Europe generally arriving in 4 to 7 days, though they can take up to 15 business days.

If anonymity is not as important, you can also pay by international money order or by wire transfer. They do not currently accept PayPal, due to PayPal’s vague and often unfriendly policies toward this industry, but this could change if PayPal ever decides to join the bandwagon.

Stealth Shipping

Stealth shipping costs £10.95. It drops to £4.95 for orders over £55 and is free for orders over £100. With this option, the seeds are hidden inside an unrelated item, making them much less likely to be detected. This is important if you live somewhere where it is illegal to send seeds in the mail. Like with standard, tracking is only included for orders over £75.

The homepage of MSNL

The do not use couriers like DHL, UPS or FedEx. Instead they ship by Royal Mail from the UK, which then passes the parcel on to the national mail carrier in your country, like the USPS in the US.

There is even an MSNL Rewards Program where you can get credit to your account by spending more money. So, that’s a bonus, and the points never expire. You can then redeem points for future transactions.

The next tier is their stealth shipping option, which costs £9.95 per package. MSNL’s stealth shipping uses a variety of stealth shipping methods to make sure that your seeds are well-hidden in common, everyday items. Stealth shipping orders are usually sent with tracking numbers, except for certain low-value orders.

Ease of Use

Gorilla Glue Feminized

The company is based in the UK, but they ship globally. So, you can order them if you have a legitimate shipping address for where they ship the seeds. The outer product packaging is discreet on all orders.

Big Blue Cheese Feminized