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MSNL seed bank accepts a lot of different payment options. The following is the list of all the payment option with which you can buy marijuana seeds online:

They also give away free seeds in every package, in almost all cases they will give you about 5 free marijuana seeds per order. They are always selecting different seeds for free giveaways, so that way, you will always get new strains with every order.

If you would like to go on more steps ahead, then you can order the guaranteed stealth shipping option. This is the safest option with MSNL seed bank; in this option, you will get a signed and tracked stealth package. If you do not receive the package in 25 days, then the company will ship another out for no extra cost at all.

Discounts and Promotions

And remember! Free seeds do not mean they are of low quality; they come from the same batch and are of very high quality.

We are completely sure that once you buy your marijuana seeds from them, you will be in love with them and will order from them only whenever you need seeds.

If you would like to read awesome marijuana-related articles , then go to their official blog. Here, you will find articles like how to roll a blunt, veganic gardening tutorial, tutorials on topping and firming marijuana, and many other things.

If you would like to hide the marijuana seeds from the authorities or your roommates, then you can order the stealth delivery option.

Quality seeds from Dutch raisers

You could view all the interior marijuana seeds on one web page here, or, go right to the complete descriptions by using the sitemap.

Exceptional germination rates

All Marijuana Seeds NL seed varieties are sent globe broad in crush-proof discrete stealth product packaging. Please review the disclaimer at the bottom of the page prior to buying

we stock a reliable assortment of feminized cannabis seeds

Look at our fantastic choice of top-selling and granted interior marijuana seeds like White Widow, Master Kush, Big Bud, the original Skunk, and Blueberry

Our interior selections can usually be grown effectively outdoors too

Are there compelling reasons to choose MSNL cannabis seed bank? Let us find out through several MSNL reviews. From its special features, top products, and alternatives, we will also go over some of its customers’ feedback.

MSNL website, which is located at, is easy to use. You can quickly sort products by nature (whether regular, feminized, or auto-flowering), strain, or certain specific features.

What You Like About MSNL?

All products picked below meet our established standards. Health Canal is an ambassador for CBD & Supplement brands, like: Gundry MD, Spruce… We will earn a small commission from your purchase. Learn more about how we earn revenue by reading our advertise disclaimer

MSNL seed bank offers a large selection of marijuana seeds. As of the present, they provide over 200 strains.

“Free seeds” is one of the terms we mentioned earlier. MSNL offers free seeds with every order. The least number of free seeds you will get is five. Therefore, it can increase as you increase the amount of Cannabis seeds you order from them.