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marijuana seeds nl reddit

I purchased their nl seeds when they were on sale this summer. Their shipping is five bucks, and its the same shipping that WWMS charges 15 dollars for, (btw, wwms guilt trips you into taking the registered shit, hence spending 3x as much)

I love the product line that offers. Its very simple, you don’t have ten different breeders selling the same strain names, under the same website, and you simply can’t beat their prices, my order from them I got 10 NLs, 10 WW, and the 5 freebies, with shipping was $74.90.

Germed 5 nl’s and one failed to crack the shell and take root. so of the 4, I got two females, plus the ww female, that’s pretty good ratio’s eh? 50/50 counting the dud.

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I can also attest to the fact that they shipped faster than I would have hoped for, and the product is quality. Prices are competitive as well, which means that I will be doing business with them again.

I only grew one of the white widows, just to see if I get lucky and get a girl, showww enuf, got my lady, she’s sick however, so I have more expectation on the cutting that I’ll mother.

From what I know about norther lights, and the way these are growing, seems to be pretty consistant with the known traits of the strain.

I really like this site, here’s a photo of some of their norther lights. just took these pics a few days ago, and they’re going into flowering right now.

If you get a couple larger packs 5 or 6 seed packs the price will be more but then you generally qualify for more freebie seeds so in the end you can end with with a better seeds/dollar ratio. It never made sense to me to only try and order 3 seeds for $20 or whatever it'd be but then pay like another $30 in shipping costs.

What is the rate per seed?

I used Herbies for my current grow. Shipped from U.K. to Florida (I'm on virtualbox and VPN so no worries) in under 2 weeks. I just chopped the Flowerbomb Kush (only got 1 of the 3 pack to seedling) and am transplanting the L.S.D. (got 2 of the 5 pack to seedling) today to start flower in about a week. With these 2 strains, I got a couple Critical Sensi Star and Strawberry Blue as the freebees. I forgot how many of those there were but I have one of each well into veg with the LSD.

If you're really interested in getting the most value for your order i'd have to suggest you save up some funds and try to place a slightly larger order – even better if you can swing it when one of the sites are having a sale. For instance attitude does monthly promos and a few larger deals during the year (xmas and 420 I think?).

I ordered from nirvana- seeds came in about a week and a half to the east coast (non legal state). Used my devit card with no issues. Had a small concern about shipping and sent them an email and got a quick reply. Used a fake shipping name. – packaging was very discrete. Got 10 free seeds. First seed i germinated is growing well.

All my orders arrived with no mistakes or anything. Nothing ever got seized at customs. Got plenty of freebies – some of which were good others seem like junk . but its free so whatever.

How many of your free seeds popped? I got their 10 freebie seeds too, and only one out of six has had any growth.

I´ve used Alibongo many times and they are great.

Here you go my friend

i want any info on where to buy good quality auto seeds and a good website to buy them from. gets a +1 for shipping, and the freebie they included was an auto.

__ I got a few in mind. any feedback will be much appreciated__

I've used Seedsman twice with success. Second time I requested original packing to make sure seeds were legit and they were.

Unbelievable service and they always give free seeds with your order. Ordering and payment process seem strange at first but they are on the level.