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marijuana seeds nl legit

I really like this site, here’s a photo of some of their norther lights. just took these pics a few days ago, and they’re going into flowering right now.

I only grew one of the white widows, just to see if I get lucky and get a girl, showww enuf, got my lady, she’s sick however, so I have more expectation on the cutting that I’ll mother.


I love the product line that offers. Its very simple, you don’t have ten different breeders selling the same strain names, under the same website, and you simply can’t beat their prices, my order from them I got 10 NLs, 10 WW, and the 5 freebies, with shipping was $74.90.

I purchased their nl seeds when they were on sale this summer. Their shipping is five bucks, and its the same shipping that WWMS charges 15 dollars for, (btw, wwms guilt trips you into taking the registered shit, hence spending 3x as much)

I can also attest to the fact that they shipped faster than I would have hoped for, and the product is quality. Prices are competitive as well, which means that I will be doing business with them again.

The home page has thumbnails and access to all vital sections, which makes navigation so easy.

MSNL offers several freebies per order compared to any other seed bank.

Strict tests and standard procedures are followed to pack the top quality seeds.

MSNL reviews: Other Extra Features

MSNL regularly hosts great sale to benefit its customers. The sale can be as attractive as a 50% discount on seeds and many such luring deals.

(Only business days are considered).

Let’s start exploring each one of them.

Therefore, it would not be wrong if we say that MSNL is one of the customer’s favorite pick among numerous seed banks available in the market.