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New regulations and trends, activism, curiosities… The cannabis world is constantly moving and evolving, and this is where you’ll find information on the latest news.


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Russian Assassin marijuana will take out chronic stress and pain with a minty aftertaste. A resilient and balanced hybrid, Russian Assassin is temperamental and potent enough to require a more practiced hand to cultivate successfully.

Brainwreck is a balanced strain that is best consumed during the day when users are hoping to relieve some stress and feel positive vibes.

Have you ever considered how to buy marijuana seeds in Newport News? You’ve come to the right place! Pacific Seed Bank has a huge selection of marijuana seeds to choose from. We stock dozens of strains of ungerminated, fully feminized cannabis seeds, including sativa, indica, and CBD seeds in our warehouse in California. Order online through our secure network and we’ll deliver your seeds directly to your door. Delivery is fast and discreet, and we offer flat rate shipping with tracking on every order.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Heavy notes of mango and menthol make Candy Cane marijuana a popular indica hybrid, though its above-average levels of THC and fat, resnious buds are nothing to sneeze at.

With the ability to deliver a smile as effectively as another famous Larry we know, Larry OG feminized mairjuana seeds are a legend in their own right, delivery worry-free relaxation on a cloud of citrus/pine smoke.

Snoop released his line of cannabis products in dispensaries across Colorado. The Leafs collection includes flower, edibles, and concentrates, all in aesthetically pleasing packages. Meanwhile, country and folk legend Willie Nelson released his own line of cannabis strains, currently available in Oregon and Washington. Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang Clan has released his own line of vape cartridges, called Wu-Goo, available exclusively in California dispensaries. Naturally, Tommy Chong has released a line of pre-rolled joints in Colorado dispensaries, along with his own strain called Chong Star (although we really think Tommy missed out on the opportunity to call it Chong Water). You can also find some of Tommy Chong’s specially designed Chong Bongs online.

A fun and therapeutic strain, Cinderella 99 marijuana seeds offer a sweet and fruity euphoria and fatigue-fighting power and stress relief.