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marijuana seeds new hampshire

All of these legal concerns raise an interesting question: if buyers can’t grow their seeds, what’s the point in purchasing them at all? As the law stands right now, the only use for ungerminated marijuana seeds is as a novelty item. That could change, though.

Regular marijuana plants only start producing flowers when the light conditions are right. Auto-flowers, on the other hand, are designed to start flowering when they reach maturity. For Indica seeds, that happens between seven and nine weeks. Sativa seeds take a little longer to reach maturity and won’t start flowering until 10 to 16 weeks after germination.

Where to Buy Seeds

Those who are planning for the best and want to get a jump-start on growing their own cannabis as soon as it becomes legal should seriously consider purchasing auto-flowers. The plants may be a little smaller, so expect a slightly lower yield per plant, but it’s often possible to harvest multiple crops, especially when growing indoors. Popular auto-flower seeds include:

The only real advantage of buying natural cannabis seeds is that they are not chemically or genetically altered. Organic growers often opt for buying regular seeds as a result, but they must contend with identifying and removing male plants and managing light for outdoor grows to ensure a timely harvest. This could be especially problematic in New Hampshire, where the growing season is relatively short.

Whether they want to purchase seeds as novelty products or they intend to hold on to them in the hopes that New Hampshire will join the many other states that have legalized or plan to legalize recreational marijuana use, buyers need to find a reliable and reputable source for their seeds. It’s perfectly legal to purchase seeds online according to New Hampshire’s current laws, but most buyers prefer to work with a supplier that offers discreet packaging and values buyers’ privacy.

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Find Marijuana Seeds in New Hampshire

Get your New Hampshire pot seeds from Pacific Seed Bank for one simple reason: we’re the best there is. Not only do we offer high-quality marijuana seeds that are likely to remain viable until you’re allowed to grow them at your home, but our website is also full of helpful information and blogs about the industry, keeping you up to date on what’s going on in the medical marijuana world.

While dispensaries are accessible to residents in New Hampshire, they might not be the most ideal way to go for marijuana seeds. Most dispensaries focus on

Earlier this year, the future of marijuana in New Hampshire was placed in the government’s hands once again. After a suspenseful winter of pivoting back and forth, the House of Representatives agreed to pass on the recreational marijuana bill to the Senate. So, what does this mean for current New Hampshire marijuana users? Well, the laws regarding medical marijuana and marijuana seeds remain the same. It’s legal to buy marijuana seeds in New Hampshire, and those with a medical card can buy marijuana at a dispensary.