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Having first legalised the use of medical cannabis in 2010, New Jersey could be set to join the likes of Nevada, California and Colorado in legalizing marijuana and adopting a commercialised cannabis market place in 2020.

Following years of discussions, debates and deliberations, New Jersey voters will finally get their chance to decide cannabis future in the state with a ballot option scheduled for the US elections in November. With public opinion polls suggesting overwhelming support for the initiative, New Jersey residents could get their first taste of legalised cannabis as soon as 2021.

New Jersey Marijuana Laws

In the mean-time, let´s take a closer look at the existing marijuana laws within the state.

While New Jersey residents might have to wait a little bit longer for access to recreational cannabis, medical cannabis has been available in the state since 2012 when former governor, Jon Corzine first signed into law the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act (CUMMA), allowing for safe access to medical cannabis for qualifying patients.

Known as Alternative Treatment Centers, the first medical marijuana dispensaries opened for business in New Jersey in 2012. Since the law was first introduced, medical marijuana has been accessible for medical patients and can be purchased from any state-licensed ATC with a cap on dosages determined by the patient’s physician. The maximum dose is 3 Oz over a 30 day period with each dose sold in 7-gram denominations.

Citrus, pine, and fresh flavors are almost as strong as their effects. The name comes from the white resinous trichomes that cover the leaves at the peak of germination.

Before you decide to purchase New Jersey cannabis seeds it’s important to check your local laws regarding the use and purchase of marijuana.

When most people hear the name Gorilla Glue they think of a powerful super glue. In the world of cannabis, the name is synonymous with a powerful bud.

Jack Herer

You can help things along slightly by scratching the surface of the seed. This guarantees it will crack open once placed in the soil. You can also pre-soak them in water or a damp paper towel. We recommend using our Germination Guide for the best possible results of Germinating your seeds.

IBD (inflammatory bowel disease)

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are another popular variety and are actually another type of feminized seed – with one major difference.

Two of the most common cannabis seeds available are feminized and auto-flowering. Let’s take a look at the difference.