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Adam’s children are generally uncommunicative, and the forms they take tend to be inexpressive, with the result that we have little insight into their thoughts. However, some is provided by Leliel, Arael, and Armisael, who engage the Eva pilots in forms of communication. Some of the Angels also provide some insight into their psychology through their behavior, such as Sachiel and Zeruel.

The core is a spherical red organ containing the soul and S² Engine. Observed in nearly all of Adam’s children. This feature derives from Adam.

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In the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series, Adam’s children encompass the Third through Seventeenth Angels (manga: Third through Twelfth). The first fourteen are Adam’s natural offspring. Adam’s last child, Tabris, is the result of an experiment in which Lilin genes fused into Adam.

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Angel (使徒, shito) is an ambiguous term that has various meanings within the Evangelion mythos depending on the context.

Adam’s children began appearing around Tokyo-3 fifteen years after Second Impact, starting with the 3rd Angel, Sachiel. It is assumed that the Angels’ intention is to cause Third Impact and reclaim Earth from Lilith’s children (Homo sapiens). The Evangelions’ task is to protect mankind by defeating Adam’s children, in accordance with both Gendo Ikari’s and SEELE’s plans.

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