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marijuana seeds kelowna bc

Potency: Very High

Genetics: Grand Daddy Purple x Early Purple

Yield: Medium to High

Avg. Flowering Time: 7 Weeks

Variety: 100% Indica

More Information: BC Bud is some of the best herb on the planet, and the best outdoor green in BC is found in the Okanagan Valley; one of the world’s best grape growing regions. As all the best outdoor growers know, if you can grow great grapes somewhere, you can grow even better cannabis! The problem with growing outdoors in the Okanagan is the short northern seasons. Most strains simply won’t survive to maturity once autumn arrives with it’s cold, damp weather. Auto-flowering varieties are the usual solution, but we’ve never been impressed with their lack of potency, low yield, and dismal bag appeal. Okanagan Grape was developed as the solution to the short Okanagan summer, and is a non-autoflowering, short-season purple indica that initiates flowering up to several weeks before regular strains, and ripens to maturity in just 7 weeks. Okanagan Grape provides incredible bag appeal with large and dense purple buds that smell of grape and cherry cheesecake when grown in organic soil without the use of chemical fertilizers. Expect excellent yields, and knock-out potency with this northern beauty.

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