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Instagram is where the magic is at these days, and so is cannabis—and as we’ll see, the nexus of the two is fast becoming the place to be. Cannabis Instagram culture is full of diverse content, from gorgeous photography to top-quality growing tips and world-class glassware. If you’re not already following, these 7 accounts will rock your world.

For those looking to explore the intellectual side of the cannabis world, give the Academy of Cannabis Science a trawl. The Academy of Cannabis Science offers courses on a variety of cannabis-related topics from pain management and grow guidance to the relationship between cannabis and pets. Their Instagram features news from the academy and its courses, inspirational quotes from great figures in history, tidbits of knowledge, and important cannabis statistics. If you’re looking to increase your intellectual engagement with this special plant, consider adding the Academy of Cannabis Science to your online environment.


The name says it all: This account is home to a granny with a passion for dabbing. Dabbing Granny is a true inspiration to dabbers young and old, showing that you don’t need to be a young person to operate a rig. Dabbing Granny posts frequent stories about her adventures in dabbing, new accessories, and the complexities of ageing. Dabbing Granny brings an entirely new perspective to the cannabis world, revealing a side of the culture that is all-too-often overlooked. If you’re looking for an account that combines humour, wisdom, and extensive knowledge on dabbing technology, you’ve come to the right place.

Canna Obscura is the co-founder of TKO Reserve, an organic weed provider based out of the Pacific Northwest. Her account is oriented around photography, featuring close-ups of beautiful buds with glittering trichomes, professional-quality photos of unique bongs, and photos from Canna Obscura’s eventful life and activities. Canna seems to find herself spending a lot of time around animals, in wide-open spaces, and around obscure cultural hubs you won’t find anywhere else. Some of her weed photos feature trichomes so close-up that they look like strange lanterns. For those looking to get deep into the look and feel of weed culture, Canna Obscura provides a window into the glittering and gritty aspects of this intricate world.

If you’re looking for wicked cool accessories, follow Heady Hawaii for some great ideas. Heady Hawaii has got tubes, bongs, bowls and other accessories made by glassworkers of incredible talent and creativity. From bongs made in the shape of Marvin the Martian to crystal-eyed red skulls, Heady Hawaii creates weed accessories of incredible beauty—occasionally disturbing, always fascinating, and generally awe-inspiring. The quality of the photos, frequently accompanied by sunsets that complement the items’ gorgeous colours, will take your breath away. If you’re in the market for new accessories, and you’d like those accessories to be works of art, you’ve come to the right place.

Going on to the site of Barney’s Farm, one thing you’ll notice is just the visual contrast between it and other websites on this post. There’s an air of simplicity to it, and the color scheme was very unique. This contrast can be seen on their Instagram page too. Each picture displayes their products almost looks like it’s a professional headshot, emphasizing the best features of each plant. With a history spanning roughly 30 years, Barney’s Farm has had plenty of time to develop its brand, providing new and unique types of cannabis seeds. With 170 different strains of marijuana seeds, there’s a ton of variety to choose from as well. Barnet’s Farm didn’t make as big of an impact on Trustpilot as other sights, but they nevertheless garnered several positive reviews:

The site is popular due to a combination of a wide selection of seeds (over 5000 types of marijuana seeds available for sale), competitive prices, and quality customer service. They have tamper-proof packaging, discounts for multiple products and payment methods (at the time of writing this, you can get 25% off on all Kera Seed purchases, as well as 10% off when you purchase using Bitcoin), and language translations for over 20 languages. On their Instagram page, they have pictures of their current and new products, including annual Cannabis Cup winners. On top of all of this, Seed City gets its products from many popular breeders, such as Cannarado Genetics, Bodhi Seeds, Humboldt Seed Company, and more. Make sure you look into Seed City for all of your marijuana seed bank needs.

With a deep history spanning all the way back to the 90s, Nirvana has been a big name in the cannabis seed distribution scene for a long time. Even though Nirvana Shop has a smaller selection of products (only about 90 types of marijuana seeds), it shares many similarities with Seed City. It has a very average amount of reviews compared to other websites on this list, and despite this it has one of the highest ratings on Trustpilot. Once again, we see a very large number of positive reviews, including the following:

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As you can see, Nirvana Shop’s strengths have had a lasting impact on all of its customers, leading them to come back for more again and again. Fairly fast delivery, good customer support, and even a large number of free marijuana seeds provided with every purchase. Nirvana Shop also has a big advantage in its website usability. While its list of products is very similar to other sites, with a list that shows pictures of all of their products, the rest of their website is very clean and easy to access. Every option on the homepage is nice and big, with a little description for each option so there’s very little ambiguity. In addition, there are also several beginner friendly options, such as guides on how to grow your seeds and tips when shopping for new types of seeds. All these features make Nirvana Shop a must-go if you’re new to the cannabis seed bank scene. Also be sure to check out their Instagram, where you can view some of their booths at conventions, spreading awareness of their site and product, and see some of the wonderful people on Nirvana Shop’s team.

This online marijuana seed bank has a surplus of reviews, and it doesn’t disappoint. While Seedsman doesn’t have a lot of public history about their company, what they do have is a clear vision for the future of cannabis seeds. They believe that the history of cannabis genetics should be preserved for future generations, and that legal regulation will lead to many positive benefits for potential customers. A portion of their company’s profits is used to promote the need for legal reform regarding cannabis, attending conferences and supporting key political lobbying organizations. This shows how serious Seedsman is about its business, and that seriousness shines in their products and services.

Sensi Seeds, like Seedsman, has both a large volume of user reviews, ranging from amazing to average. Similar to Nirvana, there is also a deep history with this company, dating back to the mid-80s. This has given Sensi Seeds an advantage in knowledge of cannabis, so much so that it actually led to them opening the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in 1985. With over 500 types of marijuana seeds, Sensi Seeds has been able to deliver a large amount of variety to its customers, and that’s shown with a plethora of good reviews:

It is very easy to get lost in all the marijauna seed banks and options available to you, which is a problem that sites such as Trustpilot aid with insight from other peoples experiences buying cannabis seeds online. Here, users can review any website including most websites that sell cannabis seeds online. Using Trustpilot , as well as the popular platform Instagram, this list will highlight 10 of the best cannabis seed banks of the new year, with a special emphasis on banks that ship marijuana seeds online. In addition, please keep in mind that every site on this list comes with the wonderful promise of discreet shipping and accepting bitcoin, unless stated otherwise.

Gorilla is a highly acclaimed feminised cannabis seed in the USA. A descendant of the Chem family, she definitely lives up to her origins with an off-the-charts potency and aroma. This Indica-dominant hybrid has the potential to keep the purest Indica genetics off the podium, as she doubly demonstrated at the Los Angeles Cup and at the High Times Jamaican World Cup in 2014 when she won both of them. Her bag appeal is simply astounding and her light-green flowers seem almost sugar-frosted due to the breathtaking trichomes covering them. Don’t be fooled by her hybrid-looking structure, though, for her Indica effect is as strong as a blow delivered by a huge silverback gorilla.

Barney’s Farm have tamed this Sativa Dominant hybrid (60% Sativa, 40% Indica) and garnished it with huge dollops of glistening, sweet tropical fruit-scented trichomes. A perfectly crafted marriage of Tropicanna (Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie) and a twist of Banana Kush infuses a calming Indica influence.

Third Prize – x 2 Sweet Skunk from Sweet Seeds

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First Prize – X6 Tropicana Banana From Barneys Farm (Exclusive seed to the Vault that is not available for sale on any other seedbank website).

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