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marijuana seeds in new orleans

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Though the cultivation of marijuana seeds in Louisiana is still illegal, it is legal to purchase seeds for souvenir purposes. We recommend learning about the different types of seeds we have available to determine which ones you might want to purchase. Then, you’ll use our easy shopping cart to make your purchase online. Our checkout is fully secure and easy to use. Once your purchase is made, we’ll pack everything in a discreet package and get it to your home as fast as possible. We make it easy to purchase the seeds you want, no matter what kind you purchase, and we’re available to help at any point during your purchase.

While it has taken a while to get started, medical marijuana is legal in Louisiana for approved conditions. In 2016, the original 2015 bill was expanded to include recommendations of marijuana use instead of just prescriptions. In 2018, the bill was expanded to include more qualifying conditions. In 2019, patients were able to start using medical marijuana in the form of oils, pills, liquids, topical applications, and inhalers. As with other states, the possibility for medical marijuana to be expanded and for recreational use to be legalized is being considered and could become law in the near future.

Different types of seeds are also available. Regular seeds are the seeds collected from most plants and can grow male and female plants. These are often considered the best for beginners because they’re inexpensive, but the male plants will need to be thrown away.

What Should You Buy Today?

What you’ll buy today depends entirely on what you are looking for. Some of our more popular options include Gorilla Glue #4 feminized seeds and Blue Dream feminized seeds. Are you looking for something that’s new? Try out Critical Mass CBD feminized seeds or White Russian Fast feminized seeds. If you’d rather go by the highest ratings, purchase the Chocolope and Candy cross regular seeds or Agent Orange regular seeds. Our support staff can also help you find the perfect seeds to by, but no matter which ones you purchase, we’re sure you’ll be pleased.

As of right now, marijuana is still illegal in Louisiana except for approved medical uses. However, it’s still legal to purchase and own marijuana seeds. If you’re a resident of Louisiana and you’d like to purchase cannabis seeds, we have the biggest selection available. We offer a full support team to help you decide what to purchase and can have it shipped to your home fast. Browse our available seeds to read here to learn more about the legalities of owning marijuana seeds and everything you need to know before making your first purchase.

Marijuana may be illegal in Louisiana, but the seeds are not. In the US, marijuana seeds are considered an adult novelty product. This means they are regulated differently from marijuana plants and products. Instead of falling under the same laws, seeds are legal to purchase and to own. Residents of Louisiana cannot cultivate the plants legally, but they can legally purchase the seeds for souvenir purposes. This means they are able to purchase them from our store and have them shipped to their home without worry. Due to the way the seeds are viewed, residents in Louisiana can purchase any type of cannabis seeds they might be interested in owning.

Recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in Louisiana, but the penalties were reduced in 2015. Right now, a first-time offender who is accused of possession of fewer than 14 grams of marijuana faces less than 15 days in jail and $300 in fines. The potential penalties increase if the accused has a larger amount of marijuana in their possession as well as if they’re accused of distribution. New Orleans, however, does have different laws. As of 2016, marijuana is decriminalized in the city, which means the punishment for small amounts of marijuana is a fine of up to $100, instead of jail time and higher fines.

Have you been curious about growing your own weed from seed outdoors in Louisiana? The good news is, the subtropical climate in Louisiana is ideal for the cultivation of most marijuana plants, and any that need different growing conditions can be grown in a controlled indoor setup. When it comes to cultivation, there are a lot of different pot seed options. Sativa dominant strains offer energizing effects while indica dominant ones offer more relaxing and sedative effects. There are some seeds that are easier to grow than others, and a few that offer more therapeutic effects. You can easily find all of these options at 710 Seeds For Sale. Below we lay out the state laws, more details about different seed options, and some growing information. But first, let us talk about Louisiana and all the activities that cannabis use would add a little extra pizazz too!

Another strain that will thrive in a grow room is the Wedding Cake bud. This is another indica dominant strain with high THC levels at around 25%. Kicking off with an uplifting cerebral buzz and melting into deep body relaxation, this strain is lovely for recreational and medical users alike. The initial buzz would be best used exploring the online or open exhibits at one of the abundant galleries that are scattered throughout the state. These plants will also enjoy the SOG technique. Temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit mixed with regular pruning for airflow will offer yields of about 1.96 ounces per square foot. Asking yourself where can I find Wedding Cake OG Near Me? Check out for this strain and many others.

Are Marijuana Seeds in Louisiana legal?

The climate in Louisiana is ideal for growing marijuana, though the subtropical humidity can be a problem for those prone to moisture-related illnesses like mold or mildew. It is important to check the detailed description of the seeds to see what their preferred relative humidity levels are before considering them for an outdoor grow.

for your indoor space. Buy Do Si Dos seeds for an indica dominant weed with high THC levels. The effects are predominantly relaxed and sleepy and provide relief from a variety of conditions like anxiety, depression, arthritis, fatigue, and insomnia, just to name a few. Using this bud to help you unwind and fall asleep after a haunting visit to the spooky Lalaurie Mansion in the French Quarter could be ideal! The plants are relatively easy to grow. Keeping temperatures around 74 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels around 55% will make them happiest. Using a Sea of Green (SOG) method, where plants are stressed to expand their canopy to allow for better light penetration, will yield the very best results of between 1.31 and 1.63 ounces per square foot.

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