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marijuana seeds in malaysia

It’s 2021 and the situation is still the same. The PM recently announced that Malaysia will not legalize it. Most probably ever. No progress on the medical use since the announcement, Thailand is doing it so much faster.

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Pray we succeed in getting the Malaysian Government and all governments of this planet to see the goodness of ganja and at least decriminalise it for medical research for a start and later legalise it totally. Hey! Alcohol is legal and that after all religions forbid its consumption and the effects are terrible. Ganja is good for humans. Wake up everyone. It is pure gift from The Almighty and not man made. Pray we succeed. Salam and best regards. SORAK.

Malaysia’s political parties and cannabis

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Cannabis experienced a boom in Asia in the late 19 th century, when the trade of narcotic substances took off in earnest. In the 1960s and 1970s, the arrival of soldiers fighting in the Vietnamese war, and backpackers, further fuelled the cannabis market.

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