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marijuana seeds in hydroponics

More recent, but still distant, examples of hydroponic growing involve the English scientist John Woodward in 1699. His work involved cultivating spearmint plants in water. He found that the plant species grew faster within a water source mixed with soil.

Hydroponic cannabis has an ideal temperature of 20°C. This factor can be monitored using a water thermometer and altered using a water heater if the temperatures are too low.


Perlite is a volcanic glass that expands when exposed to high temperatures. It’s often used in garden soils to provide aeration, which is exactly why it’s beneficial to use as a hydroponic growing medium for cannabis.

Now that you’ve selected a growing medium, it’s time to choose which type of hydroponic setup to use. All systems are similar in that they utilise a nutrient-enriched water solution. However, setups can vary widely depending on factors such as water exposure and circulation. Most of the following systems can be purchased, but those with DIY skills could easily make them by using buckets, drills, pumps, and air stones.

Both growing trays and tanks require emptying and cleaning around every two weeks. This process will keep the roots of your plants safe against invading pathogens and diseases. Repeat the same process mentioned above when initially preparing your system.

If your seeds still aren’t sprouting and growing properly, consider the following factors.

3.) Place Germinated Seed in a Rapid Rooter

Learn How to Start Seedlings So You Can Grow Hydroponic Cannabis Plants Like This!

I do agree that if the temperature is above 80°F, your plant is a lot more likely to get root rot. However, I personally have not found that cool temperatures are adequate to prevent root rot. Even if the temperature is 60°F, you still need lots of bubbles and a “good bacteria” supplement like Hydroguard to prevent root rot in many cases.

These seedlings are a few weeks old, and the grower plans to move them all to the

We have a cannabis seedling germination page which has everything you need to know about all the different germination methods, but this tutorial is different. In this hydroponic seedling tutorial I’m going to share exactly how I do my seeds from beginning to end in a DWC/bubbleponics setup!

Gently place the germinated seed inside, root down

Coco coir, sourced from coconuts hairy fiber, ensures proper aeration and moisture retention. It also protects roots from the harsh effects of plant-stimulating hormones.

Greenpoint Seeds offers superior cannabis seeds that produce potent plants in any hydroponic growing environment regardless of your growing season or space. We pride ourselves in providing the best feminized & regular cannabis seeds in the market.


Made using volcanic rocks with wool texture, Rockwool is excellent in water retention and allows for adequate upper root system hydration.

Perlite is a volcanic glass that is able to expand when exposed to high temperatures. It provides aeration and prevent compaction in garden soil and does the same when used in hydroponics.

Because most cannabis is light-dependent, farmers should carefully regulate their light during the vegetative and flowering stages. Indeed, this is a crucial step for how to grow cannabis seeds hydroponically.