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marijuana seeds in egypt

– Especially important risks for trafficking, possession and consumption of drugs. Failure to comply with local law on drugs often leads to situations of detention, trial and imprisonment abroad.

The Egyptian people throughout its history has made ​​use of cannabis, both for recreational purposes and for medicinal purposes. All around marijuana was legal until early last century (except for a few years that was also forbidden to use) when in 1925 the cannabis was definitely illegal.

Despite the legislation, the use of cannabis is widespread in this country. In big cities or in densely populated areas (Cairo, Alexandria, Nile Delta …) are typical cafes where you can see people smoking quietly. Cannabis in Egypt is cheap and is the most chosen among its citizens to relax substance.

Holidays and cannabis

But in turn, consumers have to tread very carefully because the authorities are not very permissive in what consumer (and needless to say regarding the possession and trafficking of this substance) refers. However, in many forums it is said that if the police catch you with very small amounts of marijuana often make ‘blind eye’ and often remarked that it is unusual for the police to go searching to tourists as they are a source main income of the country. Still and all, as always, you have to be careful and you have to be as inconspicuous as possible to avoid any unwanted incident. And, of course, if you seized a large amount of marijuana, rest assured that they will apply the law in force in this country and, almost certainly, have a prison sentence.

– It is also important to note that in some countries do not distinguish between trafficking and consumption of drugs and that these crimes, as in the case of Egypt, can become punishable by life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

– Another advice given from this ministry is that we must not under any circumstances accept packages from an unknown as they may contain drugs or other prohibited goods. In case of conflict with border and customs, both national and foreign authorities responsible is the person who will stop the suspicious package.

There are documents dating marijuana in this African country back in 2000 BC

But you should still take the opportunity to enjoy yourself to the fullest by partaking of the local hashish, the main cannabis product available in Egypt. I will cover the price, quality, and types of cannabis that can be found in Egypt.

The Quality of cannabis in Egypt
Most cannabis harvested in Egypt is processed into hashish. You should expect high quality hashish, but the quality may not be as great as you would find in the nearby city of Lebanon. It is important to mention that you should always be cautious when buying cannabis products. Inspect the cannabis or hashish for anything that should not be there as tourists can easily be taken advantage of.

Egyptian law enforcement does not see the control of cannabis as a high priority, although penalties can be severe depending on the situation. To be on the safe side, I would not carry large quantities on my person. I would not expect the legalization of cannabis in Egypt very soon, even though there are around fifteen million regular users in the country due to its low price and availability. Cannabis is used socially and is tolerated by most. It is seen as something for the middle-class. Those in higher standing see alcohol as prestigious, making alcohol a more costly product in Egypt.

The easiest way to find cannabis in Egypt is to simply ask. Not everyone is friendly towards cannabis however. Public workers, such as taxi drivers and restaurant waiters, will usually be happy to help you find some nearby hashish. If you are unable to make your way to the Middle East there are a few techniques on how to make hash.

The price of cannabis in Egypt
Cannabis in Egypt is fairly cheap. Prices can depend heavily on your nationality. If you are not being taken advantage of you should expect to pay around 5USD for ten grams of good. Because they hold the value of alcohol over the value of cannabis some may be willing to barter or trade.

Cannabis in Egypt
As early as 2,000 BCE, Egypt saw the benefits of medical marijuana. Scrolls were found showing medicinal plants and their uses, and wouldn’t you know, cannabis was on that list. Times have changed, as well as the attitudes toward it, but it is clear that cannabis has been around forever.