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marijuana seeds in ct

As the aromas of cheese and skunk waft around you, Crystal Coma marijuana will soothe away stress and anxiety for an energy-fueled and productive day. Ideal for growers with intermediate and master skills in the garden.

If you have an interest in picking up the best marijuana seeds in Connecticut, you have come to the right website. Not only do we sell a wonderful selection of regular, autoflowering, and medical (high-CBD) marijuana seed strains, but our website is also chock-full of helpful information on growing (where allowed) and using medical marijuana. Want to learn more about how marijuana can help your condition? We have the information, and if we don’t just reach out to us – we’re more than happy to help.

Since 2012, it has been legal to use medical marijuana in Connecticut to treat a range of symptoms and conditions. Registered patients struggling with illnesses including HIV and AIDS, glaucoma, Cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease, and cerebral palsy can possess up to one-month’s supply of this healing herb. As always, buying and owning marijuana seeds is legal throughout the United States. Prior to germination, marijuana seeds are simply considered “adult novelties” and can be bought and sold as such.

Kahuna Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Back in November of 2016, several of the east coast states voted again on legalizing marijuana — both legal and recreational. This included Maine, Vermont, and Connecticut. While Maine and Vermont legalized both recreational and medicinal marijuana, Connecticut is still a little behind. On the bright side, medical marijuana passed back in 2012 — and it’s also legal to buy marijuana seeds in Connecticut. A recent survey showcased that over 60% of locals are in favor of legalizing marijuana completely, so it’s only a matter of time. There are currently nine medical dispensaries across the state, but if all of them are too far to get to, you can order marijuana seeds from us!

Kahuna is one of those very special strains that appeals to both recreational and medicinal cannabis users alike, providing soothing relaxation alongside a healthy dose of euphoria and creativity.

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While full legality has yet to be achieved, the governor signalled the states intention to develop a fairer more legitimate cannabis market for Connecticut´s citizens.

Cannabis laws in Connecticut began to change in 2011 when Governor Dannel Malloy first signed legislation that would decriminalise cannabis possession in the state.

In this article, we take a closer look at cannabis law in Connecticut with respect to usage, possession and cultivation.

Cannabis Law in Connecticut

The last decade has seen a number of changes in Connecticut cannabis law as the state moves to keep pace with the rapidly expanding marijuana landscape emerging in the U.S in the 21st century. While neighbouring states Massachusetts and Vermont have already legalized both recreational and medical cannabis, the state of Connecticut has been a little slower on the uptake.

“Let me make it clear—we are legalizing the use of marijuana. There is no question that the state’s criminal justice resources could be more effectively utilized for convicting, incarcerating and supervising violent and more serious offenders,” said Malloy.

However, despite plenty of discussion, Connecticut has yet to give the green light to a fully legalized and regulated market place.

Connecticut is bordered by New York to the west, Massachusetts to the north, Long Island to the south, and tiny Rhode Island to the east. It also lays claim to the southernmost region in the New England area. It has direct access to the Long Island Sound which takes you directly out to the expansive Atlantic Ocean. The most populous city in the state is Bridgeport while all of the government activity happens in the state capital of Hartford. The Connecticut River is the longest river in the area and rises upwards at the border with Quebec, Canada. It traverses four states before eventually discharging at the Long Island Sound. This river is how the state got its name!

The climate in Connecticut is going to differ depending on where you are located in the third smallest state in the union. It straddles the humid continental climate to the south and the humid subtropical climate to the north. If you live in northern Connecticut you are going to have cold winters with moderate snowfall and enjoy hot and humid summers. The coastal and southern parts of the Constitution State will have cool winters that scatter snow with rain and enjoy long and humid summers. It has more sun than the national average and begins to enjoy temperatures in the ’70s by April and doesn’t dip below 60 generally until October. This allows a prime growing season for marijuana seeds.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Connecticut?

Every literary scholar has read the illustrious works of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, or better known by his pen name Mark Twain. Almost everyone has heard of the famous author and for many, the stories of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn were childhood memories worth their weight in gold. The Mark Twain House and Museum lie in Hartford as a wonderful piece of literary history. The famed author and his family grew up there in the late 19th century.

Connecticut is known as the Constitution State. While the exact origin of the nickname is up for debate, the general assumption is that it is in reference to the Fundamental Orders of 1638 that laid the framework for the first formal government in the area. It was one of 13 states that banded together to reject the British Rule in the American Revolution. It was a key member in laying the groundwork for government structures in the new United States of America as per the Connecticut Compromise!

Sitting high above the Connecticut River is the glorious Gillette Castle State Park. It was originally commissioned by the famous actor, William Gillette. He was most known for his stage portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. After the famed actor vacated the property the state purchased it and turned it into a museum with a visitor center as well as added some picnic areas and gorgeous hiking trails. A beautiful hike here can be capped off with a delicious lunch right as you are munching out!