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marijuana seeds impotence

I guess it’s possible that it lowers your sperm count, but I can’t see it signifigantly lowering sex drive. It makes most people more horny.

Originally I thought you were asking if it made you impotent – as in unable to ‘get it up’ . Not sperm count .

Apparently the belief that it makes people more paranoid is true though. *ahem customhydro*


hmmmmmm smoking weed has some scientifical backing that it lowers sperm count, and if seeds actually do make you grow hair in odd places then, it sounds like it is messing with your testosterone levels more than just weed would, leading to impotency.

So the little guys are fast out of the gate, right? What’s wrong with a little head start?

“The reason men have millions of sperm is because the fertility process is more difficult than people think,” Dominguez tells WebMD. “The whole process of ascending up the tract to the fallopian tubes and then finding the egg is delicately balanced.”

Marijuana and Fertility Timing

When it comes to romance, timing is everything. That holds true for fertility, too, says Celia E. Dominguez, MD, of the Center for Reproductive Medicine at Emory University, Atlanta.

As the sperm approaches the egg, it receives a signal to start swimming — hard. This hyperactivation lets it push through the egg cover. Pooped out sperm don’t have a chance. Learn about more ways marijuana can affect fertility.

Oct. 13, 2003 — Smoking marijuana makes sperm less fertile — even if the woman is the one who smokes it, a new study shows.