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In addition to statewide legalization, voters in six Chicago suburbs passed measures at the ballot box November 3 rd , 2020, paving the way for recreational pot dispensaries in Mount Prospect, Elk Grove Village, Park Ridge, Wilmette, Glen Ellyn and Batavia, with many additional suburbs expected to follow suit. Consumers 21 years of age and older can purchase marijuana products with or without a medical marijuana card.

Whether growing indoors or outdoors during the season, quality cannabis seeds will determine the quality of your plant. Choosing the perfect cannabis seeds for beginners can seem overwhelming with so many options. If you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds in Illinois, Mosca Seeds has the perfect strain for you with premium seeds hand selected to deliver the highest quality available. Our award-winning seed genetics offer the perfect growing solution for anyone to easily grow their own medicine.

Marijuana Laws in Illinois

Illinois is known for a lot of great things like the home of Chicago, great sports fans, awesome food, museums, Abe Lincoln’s hometown and much more. Illinois is also the 11 th state to legalize recreational use of marijuana for adults, which took effect January 1 st , 2020.

We love Illinois, but it can get very chilly in the winter, and not just in the windy city. Winter in the Midwest can make it difficult to grow anything other than your seasonal flowers or personal veggie garden during the warm summer months. This can make it difficult to cultivate marijuana outdoors as cannabis thrives in warmer temperatures.

Growing your own pot gives you a chance to try out different strains, to learn what you like and what works the best for you. Even though you can now buy weed at a dispensary, you can experiment with different strains and save a lot of money by growing your own. If you’re looking for cannabis seeds in Illinois, award-winning breeder Mosca Seeds offers high-quality marijuana seeds originating from only the finest in cannabis genetics.

With Illinois quickly catching up to much of the nation where marijuana laws are concerned, we wonder what John Deere would say to this new cash crop.

Chicago has been home to the Chicago Blues since mouth harps and electric guitars were added to the generally three string slide style of the south. This reshaped Robert Johnson’s Delta Blues style for urban societies and was made popular by names such as Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and Big Bill Broonzy. These and other incredible talents could be heard echoing through the corridors of Maxwell Street through the ‘40s and ’50s and, on top of the booming moonshine business post-prohibition, yessiree, they were smoking weed.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Illinois?

Illinois has been considered one of the most diverse states in America and is a microcosm of the rest of the country. The music scene is happening and there are plenty of other artistic experiences to be enjoyed. The climate works, the water is there, and the plains are ready for planting. With all this hustle and bustle, the Land of Lincoln is perfectly positioned to be the next big hub of commercial and industrial marijuana activity.

On January 1, 2020, Illinois became the 11th state in the U.S. to legalize marijuana for recreational use. With consumers throughout Illinois and surrounding states dropping over $10 million in the first 5 days of recreational sales, and the month of January alone raking in more than $40 million, you can be sure that it is okay to smoke weed in the state. However, no one is allowed to just light up in the street and there is some strict etiquette surrounding the lovely leaf even still.

Nestled in the middle of Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, and Kentucky, the state of Illinois sits at the southern edge of the Great Lakes region, which it shares with 7 other states and part of Canada. Located at the southernmost point of Lake Michigan, the second-largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior being number one, Illinois enjoys the benefit of many shared ports, trade routes, and waterways. Considered the heart of the Midwest, Illinois is nearly all plains with little variance in topography. It spans nearly 400 miles from north to south and, because of this, can experience some radical shifts in climate. Winters are cold, summers are hot and humidity rests around perfect. With around 35 inches of rain in the north and about 45 inches in the south, there is definitely sufficient fresh water supplied to the numerous aquifers. Illinois is also home to a number of well-known and fruitful rivers such as the Ohio River, the Mississippi River, the Wabash River, and the Kaskaskia River floodplain, also known as the American Bottom.